Properties for sale in Alanya have skyrocketed in their potential in the last twenty years, even more so than property for sale in Turkey overall. It’s become one of Turkey’s premier resort cities, for holidaymakers and ex-pats alike, although it’s been popular as a tourist resort for over 800 years. 

People travel to Alanya in the Antalya province in their thousands and it’s easy to see why. This stunning location benefits from the hot weather typical of the Mediterranean and it’s estimated that 9% of Turkey’s tourism comes from Alanya. It’s easily accessible from global airports and has more to offer than simply the beautiful beaches that draw people into the area. 

Real estate in Alanya accounts for 30% of the total amount sold to foreign nationals in Turkey. If you want a retirement haven, this is it, and reading about NYPD tier 2 buyout information can help ensure you have got the finances for this new adventure. 

It has some excellent long beaches that give way to the warm waters of the Mediterranean and provide beautiful opportunities for lengthy holidays. There’s plenty of potential for properties for sale in Alanya, with the population of the town having dramatically increased in recent years. This is bolstered even more during the summer months by the tourists and it all adds up to a bustling seaside resort that will be full of your compatriots for quite a few months of the year. Some people want these reminders of home, even as they live in somewhere as exotic as Turkey. 

For those wishing to live in Alanya full time, the heat can cause problems if you’re not used to it. Most people who live in the area don’t do much during peak hours of sunshine in the summer months and those relocating would be wise to follow their lead. Searching for real estate to live in year-round in the town also means that you won’t miss any of the various festivals they offer annually. This includes the Tourism and Arts Festival in May or June, plus there is an excellent annual jazz festival for music lovers. It’s truly a place for those who want to live full ex-pat lives. 

When you’re thinking about real estate in Alanya, Turkey, then it’s likely you’re focused on the idea of the beach resort as your perfect haven. This may be true or you may find it more beneficial to you personally to live further inland. That’s why an investigation into your living choices throughout Turkey is important. 

If you’re set on seaside real estate then there are plenty of options for you. In recent years, there’s been something of a property surplus in the town, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for those wishing to move to Alanya, or even just to invest. As with all locations in Turkey, it’s wise to take a good look around the area before you commit to moving there. It’s worth noting that there are many other aspects to the area beyond the beaches, including historical sites and caves. If you’re tired of beaches then you’ll always be able to find something else to do in this thriving town. It’s also worth noting that many of the European ex-pats who’ve settled in Alanya are over fifty. This isn’t because the area’s unwelcoming to younger people – far from it – but it’s far less cosmopolitan than the big cities such as Istanbul and so attracts those more inclined to a quiet retirement, rather than a riotous youth. 

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