Some might make a mistake in thinking that telecommunication is simply about telephones, not recognising the value that it still has in the business world. However, the Telecom industry has been booming in recent years thanks to the rise in artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing that are shaping so many companies throughout the world. 

These technologies are now more crucial than ever, given the recent shift towards remote working as a result of the current Coronavirus pandemic, improving efficiency, productivity and communication for many. As we become more and more dependent on these technologies in today’s digital era, telecommunication is critical for business success, particularly during this current unstable climate, allowing companies to grow and expand their reach while increasing flexibility within the workplace at the same time. Here’s why telecommunication is more important for business success than ever.

Improves Employee productivity 

Due to the pandemic, more and more of us are working from home, and it has only been a success thanks to telecommunication, allowing managers to distribute access to various materials amongst their departments and teams via cloud-based file sharing tools and VoIP services. Not only does this make day to day processes more streamlined and efficient, but it also boosts employee productivity, particularly the younger generation and groups who prefer working with more up to date communication tools. Many employees reported less stress and fewer task conflicts due to the positive impact of telecommunication. This includes things such as shorter meetings thanks to videoconferencing and other communication solutions, allowing them to go about their usual daily work tasks, and easing them into remote working.  

An essential tool in marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising are now the bread and butter of any business that is worth its salt, and campaigns can make or break a company depending on its success. Useful marketing and advertising tools such as social media marketing, online advertising and telephone marketing wouldn’t even be possible without telecommunication technologies. It is thanks to these marketing methods that businesses can reach a wider audience, generating more sales and revenue.

Great for collaboration 

Telecommunication enables people within a team to improve their communication with one another or even collaborate with an entirely new department altogether. Instant messaging tools such as Microsoft Teams alongside video conferencing and mobile phones gives businesses the possibility to create a digital workplace, allowing members to work together on projects no matter their physical location. Without telecommunications, employees wouldn’t be able to Skype their colleagues or use Zoom, or any other collaboration tool, which are currently enabling businesses to carry on, as usual, enabling users to share reports and projects in real-time. Teams can also make updates, save and edit files directly on cloud-based platforms meaning that more can get done faster, allowing businesses to make decisions faster.

Saves money

With an unstable economy being one of the many impacts of the pandemic, reducing costs where possible has now become a top priority for many businesses to survive this challenging period. Telecommunication technologies are the perfect tool to reduce business expenses, cutting down on paper, printing, and recycling thanks to email and instant messaging. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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