Working from home is something that more and more people are having to come to terms with as a permanent fixture of their careers. Now, for a lot of people, the idea of working from home feels like something out of a dream. At least, that's how it feels at the start. The truth is that, for a lot of people, working from home can end up being a whole lot more difficult and stressful than you might have thought. It can often be a real challenge to keep your work life and your personal life separate when they're both in the same place. With that in mind, here are just a few ways to make the most of working from home.

Create the best possible space

The first thing to consider when working from home is where exactly you're going to be working. It might be tempting to spend all day working from your bed but that's not likely to work out all that well. Instead, it's far better to have a dedicated working space. An office is ideal but even if you're just set up at a desk in your living room, that can make a big difference. Make sure you have the right equipment too, not just your computer but consider these Goldtouch ergonomic mice to make working more comfortable and a chair with plenty of back support to avoid causing excess strain. Having a place to work not only keeps you comfortable but can help to motivate you to get into work mode. 

Set yourself a clear timetable

Speaking of getting into work mode, there are few things that trip more people up when they start working from home than the temptation to end up doing nothing all day and then rushing to get everything done later on. Not only does this cause further delays and reduces the quality of the work you're doing, but it can often just leave you totally stressed out. It's far better to make sure that you put yourself on a rigid timetable, just as you would if you were going to work every day. That way you not only get more work done but you can use your evenings as a time to spend relaxing rather than playing catch up. This includes putting in the time to let yourself take breaks. Spending all day long working at full throttle is a good way to end up burning out so make sure you give yourself time to get up and relax every once in a while.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to working from home is when to stop working. When you're in the office you can leave at the end of the day and go home, there's a clear line between the two sides of your life. However, when you're working from home there's a temptation to just keep working all the time. Regardless of how you use your home as a workspace, being able to put your work aside and just relax is essential to maintaining that all-important work-life balance.

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