It’s a tricky time for business at the moment, no matter what industry your business resides in. However, there are some great tricks you can use that could help you to get more people through your business’ doors. Not only will these tricks help you in the short term, they’ll help you in the long term, too. Read on for 13 tricks that never fail to get more people through business’ doors and you’ll see the impact for yourself. 

1. Strengthen Your Online Presence

Start by strengthening your online presence. It doesn’t matter if you’re a retail business based locally; you still need an online presence. Most people look for a business online before they visit in person so that they can learn about them and what they offer. You can strengthen your online presence by doing the following:

  • Having a well built, up to date website. It should suit your brand and messaging and be easy to use. 
  • Building social media pages in alignment with your brand and messaging, and making sure your contact information is correct and the same across all platforms. You should post on them at the right times each day, and ensure you are social. This isn't about going in for the hard sell. 
  • Signing up to online directories. 

You can also strengthen your online presence by writing and creating different types of content, whether for your own pages or contribution to another site’s page. Getting people talking about you and leaving reviews for you can also help. Get your name out there!

2. Share Valuable Tips and Information

You can't be afraid to share your knowledge with others. Wanting to actually help people rather than just sell to them can go a really long way to building a great reputation and letting people see that you know your stuff and that you’re a business worth working with. Share them on social media, write blogs, and when people ask questions give them full, helpful answers. People can tell when you truly care about helping them vs. when you are just trying to make them buy a product! 

3. Get An ATM On Site 

Having an ATM on site could encourage people to shop with you for many reasons. Not only does using a full-service atm machine business give people the option to pay in a different way, it also encourages them to have a look around your store when they need money. They may come in purely to take cash out, and end up leaving with something as they felt encouraged to take a look. 

4. Go Above and Beyond For Your Customers 

Providing a great customer experience is crucial, whether you’re providing services in person, sending online orders out, or serving people in store. Making sure you go the extra mile for them and work on the customer experience will ensure they leave happy and feel compelled to tell their friends and family about your business. Give them free samples, provide advice, listen to them, and genuinely try to help them. It’s important to note that people don’t just work with a business for the product, they do it for the service and the way it makes them feel. It’s also worth noting that it’s easier to retain customers and keep them coming back for more than it is to gain new ones. This means that providing an unbeatable experience for every customer that walks through your door will be the best thing you can do for your success. 

5. Provide Incentives

Giving your customers incentives to come back or try a product from you can be a nice touch. Everybody loves freebies, whether you’re giving out branded merch to make sure people don’t forget you, or mini samples of products that you make. Discounts are always appreciated, too, along with loyalty cards. Incentives like this can make amazing bonuses and will delight customers. 

6. Host a Contest

Hosting a contest is something you can do on social media, but there are ways you can do it in person, too. The classic ‘name the teddy bear’ challenge never gets old! This will help to expand the reach of your business and will encourage people to get involved. 

7. Work With A Reliable Marketing Firm

You can’t do your marketing yourself if a) you want to have time to run your business the way only you know how, and b) if you want to do it well. Providing you’re not actually a marketing firm, learning everything there is to know about marketing isn't easy, and can take years. Making mistakes can set you back substantially, too. Making sure you find a reliable marketing firm with a portfolio of results will ensure you’re getting optimal results both in person and online. 

8. Do Something For The Greater Good

Why not do something for the greater good? Not only do studies show that this can be a wonderful way to feel happier and more satisfied with life, you could gain some exposure and attention. Get involved with a charity or volunteer work, or you may even want to sponsor a sports team. There are many ways you can do it! 

9. Do Your Bit For The Environment 

Taking care of the environment is going to take a collective effort, but don't think for one second that one business, or even one person’s efforts won’t make a difference. Making sure your business is sustainable will reduce your impact on the environment, and will ensure that environmentally conscious customers are drawn to your business. 

10. Create an App 

An app can make shopping with you and seeing your offers so much easier. It could make booking an appointment, or getting advice easier. You can use your app to provide an even better service to those who have you on their radar, and once the app is on their phones, they are unlikely to forget about you. 

11. Ask For Reviews

Sometimes, it’s a case of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ Asking for reviews ensures people are more likely to leave you one and help you to strengthen your reputation. Of course, this won’t happen without providing an A star service, so make sure there are little improvements to be made or you could end up with a mediocre online reputation. 

13 Tricks That Never Fail To Get More People Through Business' Doors 1

12. Create Awesome Content

Content is what makes the internet go round, so make sure you’re creating awesome content designed to strengthen your presence and help people. Wanting to genuinely help people and providing as much value as possible is key. Set up a blog, create videos, or create a microblog via Instagram. It can take time to get results from it, but over time this can really pay off. 

13. Use Affiliates/Influences To Promote Your Products 

There’s little more effective than word of mouth recommendations, which is why people take the word of affiliates and influencers so seriously. You can work with these people to maximize brand awareness, and they will promote your business on their various social profiles. You will need to figure out a deal that works for the two of you – will they get commission on each sale they help with, or will you provide them monetary compensation and free products? Working with people who are in alignment with your brand is crucial, as is tracking your results to ensure that what you’re doing is worth it. If it doesn’t work for you, you may be working with the wrong influencer for your brand. 

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