Hearing the word “weightlifting” for the first time the majority of people might think about a massive bodybuilder covered with posing oil or huge strongmen that are moving trucks. Today I will try to reconsider the idea of weightlifting exercises and the fact that you deprive yourself of very effective movements if you avoid them.

So here are 7 reasons to start practicing weightlifting in case you are uncertain whether it suits you or not:

 1. You don’t have to load yourself with heavy weights.

Huge weights lifted by the professionals is the most constraining factor that prevents people from starting weightlifting training, because they believe that they must plunge headfirst under the heaviest barbell possible.

If you are a rookie in weightlifting then mastering various phases of basic movements with a plastic technique barbell is the only thing you should begin with. It’s going to be an empty barbell some time after. It requires you a year of regular workouts to get strong enough and start lifting weights equal to your bodyweight. The point is to gradually make more movements, improve your coordination and make your muscles grow stronger.

 2. You won’t get bulky.

Here is another myth to break: people that are lifting weights do this to build frightening muscle mass, they spend years and tons of food and pills in order to achieve this.

If you train reasonably and stick to a healthy and adequate diet you have little to no chance of getting bulky. But you’ll definitely become more shredded and athletic as working with weights is the basic means of losing fat. You can buy training gear and equipment for weightlifting here: https://warmbody-coldmind.com/

 3. You’ll get happier!

It is a well-known fact that physical exercises are forcing happiness hormones to rapidly flow through your body. But weightlifting is an individual case pushing this effect to a whole new level.

7 Things You Need To Know About Weightlifting Training 1

You wonder why? Because each time your body gets proper speed-strength load your brain tries to give a reason to do this again. So every time after you got some weights lifted you feel yourself happier, relieved from all stress and ready to take over the world!

4. You’ll learn concentration!

Upon starting weightlifting you’ll soon enough learn the importance of concentration for making every lift safe and with a perfect technique.

As your strength and results are growing the same should concern your concentration and focus. This is rather beneficial because this important skill will be carried over from the lifting platform to your daily life.

 5. You’ll believe in yourself!

At the beginning of their training, the majority of weightlifters can’t even imagine what it’s like to lift several times more than on their first workout.

But several months later you’ll realize that you’ve accomplished what seemed impossible. Making it over again and again you acquire psychological stability and confidence, traits that are useful anywhere.

6. You’ll make another step towards physical perfection!

Despite muscle soreness being the first thing you’ll feel after training, your bones will begin to become denser.

Aging increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures, shielding yourself from these with weightlifting seems to be a perfect decision! Also, you can improve other physical abilities such as coordination, balance, flexibility, mobility, power and even endurance.

7. You’ll improve your brain!

Believe it or not but weightlifters are not dummies, they are quite an opposite. Speed-strength training can boost your brain functions and there are numerous studies proving this. Isn’t this great news that there is something capable of making you smarter, helping you to think faster and increase the synthesis of your new ideas?

With a thoughtful training plan, weightlifting can be a great and full-fledged type of physical exercise. Just keep in mind that the core of every workout is the comprehension that all your actions are reasonable, safe and right for you.

Sergii Putsov, Sport Science PhD

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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