Technology is always advancing. But it is no longer confined to the sectors we associate with being high-tech – like the computer industry. Instead, it’s seeping out all over the place and showing up in areas you’d never expect, like the fitness industry. Both coaches and exercisers are benefitting too, getting better workouts and becoming more connected than ever before. 

Fitness Is Becoming 24/7

Gyms have always offered convenient opening hours. But thanks to new technology, fitness is becoming 24/7, allowing anyone to get gym instruction any time they like. 

There are two main channels through which this is occurring. The first is new technology at gyms themselves. In the past, you needed somebody on the desk to scan people in and monitor access. Now, though, there are systems that allow people to check-in and out automatically. 

The second is the fact that training is available via a series of apps. You can either get live access to a trainer or simply follow computerised instruction. In either case, it is making getting fit more flexible. 

Coaches Are Getting More Support

The average strength training app is nothing like it was ten years ago. Thanks to advances in technology and the coronavirus, the vast majority now offer fully-integrated platforms. Thus, trainers can take payment, provide sessions via video link, and offer text chat support all through a single portal. 

Wearable Gadgets Allow Better Progress Tracking

Both coaches and their clients want to be able to follow their fitness progress and activity accurately. Before wearables, you had to get yourself measured at a clinic or use an expensive machine in the gym. Today, though, that’s all changed – a simple device will suffice. 

Smartwatches today can track all sorts of things, including activity levels and biomarkers. Coaches can then get a sense of how much activity a person is getting while they’re not there. It also allows them to track progress as the weeks and months go by more accurately, instead of relying on weekly check-in sessions. 

Community Support

Community support might sound like an ancient technology – or not one at all for that matter. But it plays a pivotal role in keeping people on track with their fitness regimens.

Online fitness communities are exploding all over the place, many of which provide in-person support as well. The idea is to share your progress with your peers, keep track of your schedule and compete against other people. 

Lead Generation

Tech Is Changing The Fitness Industry In Ways You Would Never Expect 1

Fitness instructors and personal trainers used to have to do deals with gyms to get clients. They would get paid a small amount of money by the hour in exchange for being able to solicit clients. But new technology is making it much easier to generate leads online. Instructors no longer need to walk up to people working out and ask them whether they want to pay them for one-on-one instruction. Instead, they can fire up their Whatsapp or Twitter accounts and do it all online. Some trainers even take out Facebook ads to sell their services to local people. 

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