Are you considering a new car? Why get new when there are plenty of used cars on the market that will do the job brilliantly?

Used vs New

Used cars sometimes gets a bad reputation, but when you buy from an approved dealer, you will see many benefits to getting used over new, not least because they are generally cheaper. Also, a used car has already usually hit its median value, whereas new cars will rapidly depreciate in value within the first year of getting it.

New cars are wonderful, but buying used cars from places like House of Cars Arizona where the dealers really know their stuff is usually a better idea.

Here are four reasons to consider a used car over a new car.

You’ll Get It Right Away

Have you ever sat in a new car and thought that it was lovely, only to have it delivered and realized that it just doesn’t feel ‘right’?

With a new car, you only ever sit in the test vehicle or the example vehicle. This means you never really experience ‘your’ vehicle until it arrives. That’s definitely something that won’t happen when you buy a used car; you’ll be sitting in and testing out ‘your’ car from day one!

Cheaper Over All

The other benefit of a used car is you won’t be paying a high price on finance, you won’t be paying a high price on tax and other regulations, and of course, you won’t lose thousands of dollars the second you drive it off of the forecourt.

Used cars have the bonus of having been inspected with a fine-tooth comb, too. This means you can expect that a used car won’t cost you a fortune in repairs because your dealer would have ensured that every issue was resolved and polished. Therefore, your used car should ‘feel’ like a new car whenever you buy it.

As a bonus, if your older car does break down a year after you buy it, you are much more likely to be able to find parts to fix it, whereas a new car may have proprietary parts that will be difficult to source and expensive to fit.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums seem to work on some magical scale that no one can quite figure out, but there is definitely a sweet spot when it comes to the age of car for insurance companies.

New vehicles command higher premiums purely because they’re new. Sure, their brakes and ABS systems may be miles above their older counterparts in some cases, but they are a huge target for thieves because they are so new with higher resale value.

Used cars, as long as they are the average age of around five years old, are more settled and less likely to be a target for thieves, meaning lower insurance premiums for you!

Great Warranties

A warranty is for a new car, right? Wrong! Many great dealers offer great warranty deals for older used cars, and because they’re older, they’re cheaper too!

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