Teachers play an important role.  Because of them, with the help of concerned parents, students learn the skills and values they will need when they grow up.  

But teaching is not something that is easily done. It is much more than just reading from a book and assigning lessons. Students learn best when taught by a “real” teacher.

The 5 Characteristics

Teaching is not an easy job.  Some people end up going through the motions for the sake of a steady paycheck, disengaging students.  This is why it is necessary for would-be teachers to do the following:

  1. Clearly States Class Objectives

It’s difficult to aim for something if you don’t know the end goal.  An excellent teacher always states the class objectives at the start of the term.  This gives students direction so they know what to strive for.

Daily lesson objectives guide students on what to expect for the day, allowing them to reference relevant materials as they listen. But such objectives are not just for the student, clear daily goals help the teacher stay focused on the topic instead of digressing to something else.

  1. Has a Passion for the Job

Regardless of the work, passion for the job differentiates an excellent worker from a mediocre one.  This is particularly true for teaching.  Students can clearly see if their teacher hates their job based on their actions.

Every teacher, however, should to motivate students to come to class and learn. An excellent teacher always ready provide student with programming help or any other. Lessons and assignments are often challenging but stimulating because the teacher wants the students to enjoy.  Even if the subject matter is tough, an excellent teacher can still push students to keep trying until they figure things out.

  1. Promotes Student Participation

An excellent teacher knows that learning should not be boring.  Such a teacher strives for student participation in class discussions and group assignments. An excellent teacher is also open to new ideas from the class.

Promoting student participation, however, is easier said than done. Students today are easily distracted by their smart phones and personal concerns. But if the teacher works hard to engage their students, something positive will eventually come about. 

  1. Prepares Well for the Subject

Students today are more well-informed than before as they have access to the internet.  This is why an excellent teacher is always prepared for the subject to avoid embarrassment and to ensure nothing important is left out.

An excellent teacher should to strive to be more knowledgeable than the students about the subject, which means extra reading time outside class.  But an excellent teacher should also be humble enough to admit that a mistake was made or that they don’t know the answer.  It is always best to get back to the class with the right answer than to make things up.

  1. Manages the Class Well

Good classroom management is necessary for students to learn.  If some students become unruly, chances are the others will follow or become distracted from the lesson.  An excellent teacher knows this, enforcing the rules in a firm manner. 

Classroom management also includes keeping to the time.  An excellent teacher takes note of the time, managing the lecture and discussion well so that class begins and ends as expected.


Teaching is a noble profession that greatly impacts the next generation.  It is essential that current and would-be teachers aim to have such important characteristics so they too can be excellent.

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