4 Safety Tips For Novice Hunters

As hunting season approaches us, it’s important to keep in mind safety. Believe it or not, every year, thousands of people are accidentally injured while hunting. In order to avoid critical injuries or even worse, fatalities, it’s critical to understand basic safety tips when using a gun

As a new hunter, you may not understand all of the in’s and outs that a seasoned pro does. Therefore, to help you stay safe out there while hunting, take a look at some of the most important safety tips to keep in mind. 

Treat All Firearms As If They’re Loaded  

One of the biggest concerns with hunting is gun safety. One of the best ways to avoid tragedy is to treat every firearm as if it were loaded. Never pointed towards anyone or anything that could be injured. 

It’s important that you always double-check whether a firearm is loaded or not. Regardless of whether it is or not, remember to always treat it as if it were loaded

By respecting the danger that comes along with a firearm, you’ll be less likely to fall into dangerous situations. 

Wear The Right Gear 

It’s easy to blend into the scenery when hunting if you don’t wear the right gear. It’s critical that you wear bright orange in order to signal to other hunters that you are not game, but a human. Although many novices may think that camouflage is the way to go, this is considered extremely dangerous. 

Orange is the safest way to avoid hunting accidents. In addition to wearing the right colors, you should also wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather. The last thing you want is to get sick after a hunting trip because you failed to properly cover up. 

Bring an Emergency Kit 

Anytime that you’re going out into the wilderness, it’s important that you prepare for the worst. An emergency kit is essential to ensure that you are well taken care of in the event of something going wrong. 

Your emergency kit should be compiled of everything from extra rope to non-perishable food, to water. It’s a good idea to have a mentor who can guide you on the right supplies to bring to stay safe. Certain conditions may call for different emergency gear, so it’s important to consult with someone in the know. 

Carry a Phone 

It’s important that you have a phone that will provide reliable service when on a hunting trip. You never know when an emergency could arise, which calls for help. The best way to prepare for potential problems is to have the means to call emergency services if something goes wrong. 

By following these tips and staying aware of your surroundings, you should stay safe during hunting season, and be a seasoned professional in no time. 

4 Safety Tips For Novice Hunters 2
Anna Johansson
Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and comtemplating her eventual trip to graduate school.

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