What is self-care, really? It’s a term that’s been thrown around a lot in recent years, but maybe you’re not entirely sure what it means or what you’re supposed to be doing to best invest in it. Self-care is an active effort to make sure that your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing is in its best condition. With this in mind, self-care can mean something different to everyone, as it depends very much on you getting to understand your own mind, body and feelings in order to make sure that you’re always doing the very best for yourself. 

So how can you improve your self-care routine? 

Take Pleasure in the Simple Things

When it comes to self-care, you don’t have to strive for extreme or expensive measures to get back on track. Being mindful during everyday tasks and taking pleasure from the little things is a great method for improved wellbeing. You could start off the day by writing in a gratitude journal, enjoying that first cup of coffee in a more focused way or taking a long, relaxing bath instead of a quick shower.

Develop a Healthy Relationship With Food 

Your diet will have a direct impact on your physical health, mental health and the way you feel on a daily basis. Having a positive relationship with what you eat — and how you eat — is a crucial form of self-care. Be sure to take the time to prepare healthy recipes and a food regimen which works for you. 

If you encounter any signs that your relationship with food has turned negative, such as eating too much junk-food, eating in too much of a fast-paced way, or even more serious concerns such as eating disorders, then you should take the right steps to rectify this, or by planning a recovery process with professional help as found with edentreatment.com

Set Time Aside Dedicated to Self-Care 

If you’re struggling to make time for your self-care on a daily basis or feel as though it needs a complete overhaul, then setting aside time specifically for your wellbeing is a must. You could book a weekend retreat to focus on self-care practices, like a relaxing getaway, or you could book time off work purposefully for reconnecting with yourself and catching up with pastimes you enjoy. 

Or, you may even feel as though you need a more significant period of time dedicated to things like travel, learning more about yourself and reconnecting with what’s important. 

Stop Feeling Guilty 

Self-care is often put on the backburner due to a feeling of obligation for other lifestyle matters. It’s so easy to feel guilty for taking any extra time for yourself, or to spend time in what can be considered a self-indulgent way when you’re otherwise so busy. Work and life commitments can easily take over, and anything which isn’t related can result in feelings of guilt. 

However, you shouldn’t ever feel bad for anything which helps towards a healthier and happier you, especially during demanding times or when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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