To enjoy some open-air theatre, or not to enjoy some open-air theatre, that is the question… and the answer is yes! The last few months have been difficult, to say the least, and now it’s crucial that people in London (and beyond!) get back to living a ‘normal’, fulfilled life taking part in activities that bring joy.  

The economy has taken a beating and mental health issues have been at an all-time high. With only a trip to Sainsbury’s to somewhat look forward to for 16 arduous weeks, is this any surprise? Well, open-air theatres have opened their doors once more and now it’s time to take advantage.  

Here are a few great places to enjoy some open-air theatre in post-lockdown London… 

Regent’s Park  

One of the stunning Royal Parks of London, Regent’s Park also boasts an exciting open-air theatre, which will reopen its doors on the 14th August. If you want to take advantage immediately, you can enjoy a 6-week run of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Alternatively, browse their 2020 line-up of events for the season to see if anything else spikes your interest and is worth waiting for.  

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre is an award-winning theatre and a true London landmark – you will be ticking two things off your bucket list. A firm fixture of summer in the city, the theatre provides an exciting day out that you’ll not be in a hurry to forget. 

Shakespeare’s Globe 

If you’re a Shakespeare fan and you’ve waited this long for a trip to an open-air theatre, put Shakespeare’s Globe at the top of your list. Enjoy a taste of history in one of the most cost-effective theatres in London – with tickets starting from just £5, this is the ideal choice of venue if you’re on a budget. 

Located on the bank of the River Thames, Shakespeare’s Globe is a world-renowned theatre, education centre and cultural landmark. It’s so much more than just an open-air theatre, and you can see for yourself in this post-lockdown London world.  

Iris Theatre 

Secret-garden fun! For a truly award-winning experience, visit an award-winning theatre. Each year, Iris Theatre holds a Summer Festival with work from some of the most exciting breakout artists and companies in the country. If you want to be involved from the get-go, Iris Theatre is where you want to be.  

The venue is situated in the heart of Covent Garden, meaning there’s plenty to see and do once you are finished with your long-awaited, post-lockdown theatre experience.  

Make a night of it 

The lockdown period has been tough on everybody, and it’s true that we all deserve a fun and exciting night to ‘let our hair down’. Why not make a night out of it? Get your best clothes on, enjoy a delicious meal in your favourite restaurant and spend a night in the Dorsett Hotel, City of London accommodation.

While social distancing measures must still be observed, there’s still an incredible opportunity to get back out there and enjoy some post-lockdown fun.

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