Choose The Best Drill Press: A Buyer’s Guide

The drill press is an amazing tool that offers great reliability and precision than any other handheld tool. It is a must-have item in every workshop.

The drill press is an amazing tool that offers great reliability and precision than any other handheld tool. It is a must-have item for almost all the engineering workshops and garages.

Some of the key features of the drill press that one must consider before buying a drill press have been enlisted in this buyer’s guide.

1. Drill Size

Drill size means the maximum distance it can cover to drill a hole in the object. The market offers the best drill press with multiple drill sizes like 8”, 12” or 18”. When it comes to choosing between these you should consider your needs and requirements. 12-inch drill size is big enough for a simple home or garage applications. drill press with 18” drill size is specialized for heavy-duty applications.

2. Size And Form

As drill presses are associated with heavy-duty applications they are usually constructed with metals like cast iron and are large in size. They usually come in two models-floor standing or workbench. Floor-standing models are highly powered and they are the best option for commercial applications.

Workbench models are also very efficient and reliable but are relatively less powered. Workbench models that offer limited drill options are suitable for small, workshop, garage, or household applications.

3. Size of Chuck

Different drill press models offer different chuck sizes ranging from ½” to ⅝”. The chuck size is responsible for holding the drill press in place and drill the hole with great precision. The smaller chuck size offers limited drill options and is suitable for simpler applications. For more Demanding applications and larger objects go for a drill press with maximum chuck size.

4. Power

Motor power is an important trait to consider before buying a drill press The power of drill press motor is mentioned in the amp (amperes) or in most cases in HP(horsepowers) like 3hp, 2hp, or 12 amp. A drill press with a higher motor power is suitable for more demanding engineering workshops. For a small garage or light-duty applications, a small-size moderately powered drill press is the best option.

5. Speed

Just like motor power the speed is an equally important factor to be considered. Drill press machines come with variable speeds ranging from 3000 RPM to 5000 RPM. It’s quite obvious that all of them do not have the same drilling capacity.

Some drill press models offer adjustable speed features and it’s simply amazing. You can adjust the speed according to your requirements. With this cool feature, you can slow down the speed for soft and delicate work-pieces and make it faster for harder or demanding surfaces.

Always go for the drill press with adjustable motor speed.

6. Customization

Always choose the drill press that offers the most flexible options. In every different situation, you will have to work with a different object with its own specific requirements. Some models offer the abutments like height, tilt, or bevel adjustment. Always choose those drill press that offers the maximum customization and adjustment.

7. Warranty

The long term warranty reflects the more durability and reliability of the product. Drill presses have a lot of use in engineering workshops so it is mandatory to choose a durable and reliable machine that guarantees long term use.

It’s pretty clear that your decision is highly influenced by your requirements and demands. Considering these features will definitely enable you to choose the best drill press in 2020.

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