5 Great Summer Games

Summertime is one of the best times of the year. The days are longer, it’s warmer, there are always BBQ parties to attend, enjoying a beer or a cocktail or two in the garden with your friends. There is almost a sense of magic in the air when summer comes along, and it entrances people everywhere. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the house and keep yourself active and have some fun. Here are 5 great summer games you can enjoy at the next BBQ or picnic with friends and family, or just to enjoy an afternoon in the park. 

1. Ping-Pong

The game of ping-pong always comes to mind when thinking about summer vacations. It’s possibly one of the most popular summer games to play, and as you can play indoors and outdoors, it’s ideal if some grey clouds are looming. Some public spaces have ping-pong tables set up, which is great; otherwise, you might want to invest in a table if you don’t already have one. If you’re an avid ping-pong player, you should invest in one of the best ping pong paddles to improve your game. 

2. Frisbee

Another brilliant summer game is, of course, frisbee. It’s so simple, yet the challenge of running and catching this flying disk can be harder than it looks – especially if the wind is against you! You can play a more relaxed ‘throw and catch’ game, but if you want to challenge yourself, look up the rules of ultimate frisbee and see if you and your friends can keep up! There may even be a group you can join if you want to work on your skills. 

3. Baseball 

A classic American past-time, baseball is enjoyed not only all over the states but on a global scale. You might enjoy going to watch MLB games during the summer months, which is always good fun, but why not head outside and practice on your pitching, too? A friendly game with a group of buddies is a good way to spend an afternoon or on into the early evening. It’s also ideal for families looking to entertain the kids, too. You could always enjoy a nice BBQ and a beer afterward, too. 

4. Water Fight

Is this childish? Yes, absolutely – but that’s probably why it’s so much fun! Having a good old-fashioned water fight with balloons or water pistols is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. The kids will certainly love this activity, and it’s a great way to get them moving and out of the house. Let your inner child have some fun this summer and goof around with your nearest and dearest in the backyard. 

5. Volleyball

This game might stir-up images of sandy beaches and bright blue waters, but the beach isn’t the only place you can enjoy volleyball (although, perhaps that is the perfect place to play in the summer). You can put up a net in your backyard, or your local park might have a court you can use. 

Looking for some fun this summer? Get outside and enjoy one or all of these 5 great games in the sunny weather. 

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5 Great Summer Games 5

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