Boosting Overall Productivity with the SignNow Solutions 1

All businesses, both large and small ones, need to keep up with the always changing and improving information technology. Numerous electronic solutions quickly become outdated, which can poorly affect the workflow and productivity of your company. One of the most obvious and reliable ways of staying afloat on the current market is digitalizing various processes in the company for enhanced convenience and faster response. The first and most important stage is converting all business documentation into electronic format. Physical paperwork takes a lot of space and becomes a huge waste of time in comparison with quick digital solutions. However, it is not enough to simply store all documents somewhere in the Cloud. It is also essential to manage and e-sign your official files.

It is not easy to find a fully suitable electronic signature software for your company. The current market is filled with e-signature solutions, but only a few of them are versatile and efficient enough. SignNow is considered one of the best electronic signature programs based on the users’ reviews. This software was developed to cover all possible processes involved in digital document management. With simple e-signature software, you would be able to only place a digital signature or perform some other simple actions. However, SignNow allows managing the documents at any stage of completion, editing them, sending for signatures and reviews, signing in a few different ways, and more.

The Advantages of Incorporating SignNow Software in Your Company

Having all documents stored on a computer without an appropriate electronic signature software is almost pointless. In this case, you will have to waste a lot of time printing out the papers, signing them manually, and scanning again. The possibility to apply electronic signatures makes the process considerably faster, and, as a result, the productivity of workers grows instantly.

Here are some of the key benefits of working with SignNow:

  • Accessible and understandable program design – many modern programs that are implemented in companies require some special knowledge and training. Rarely employees can pick up new software and start working immediately. However, SignNow is an extremely simple and intuitive software. You will not have to waste time and money on inviting IT specialists and arranging training courses. Any employee with average computer skills can start using SignNow as soon as possible.
  • Availability outside the company – it is impossible to keep all documentation inside the company as business relations and interactions with the clients are inevitable. This software is accessible not only for the company workers but also for the customers and business partners. With the help of such versatile technology, you can conduct business deals quickly and without any unexpected issues.
  • Support on different devices – one of the most important factors is the availability of software on various platforms. Each company uses specific brands and devices, which means a program should be supported everywhere. Besides, business people often need access to their documents even when they are not at the office. It is the reason SignNow is available on all computers, laptops, and smartphones or tablets running on Android or iOS.
  • Strong security measures – it is highly important that all official documents remain safe in the computer storage, and SignNow pays close attention to the security of the software. Multiple levels of encryption and the latest online safety technologies ensure that your files are stored in the database safely and without any possibility of leaking.

The Various Features Available in SignNow

The SignNow software is useful not only for signing electronic documents but also for various other tasks. Here are some of the key features available for the users of this program:

  • Different e-signature methods – there are several ways of placing an electronic signature. You can choose the most convenient for you or a single method for the company to keep all the documents signed in the same manner. You can scan and upload an existing signature or use a picture of it, type in your first and last name, or draw a signature with a cursor or finger if you use a mobile device. Any signature can be stored in the database and retrieved later on.
Boosting Overall Productivity with the SignNow Solutions 2
  • Requesting attachments – to collect all the necessary papers faster, you can request a certain document enclosed with the file that you have sent for signing. This way, a document will not be finalized until it is signed and accompanied by another file attached.
  • Receiving regular notifications – keeping track of all digital documents is not an easy task. To monitor all signed and not finalized documents, you can set up notifications that will show up every time a document is signed and finished.
  • Various editable fields – there are several editable boxes that you can add to your documents. Various papers call for specific information, and you can include the necessary field. There are text boxes for any info, checkboxes for convenient lists, time and date fields, and signature boxes. If you need to receive a signature, it is easy to make a signature field the only available option for editing, and the same goes for other required data.
Boosting Overall Productivity with the SignNow Solutions 3

Choose SignNow for Enhanced Productivity

SignNow is the international solution available for all businesses around the globe. Numerous reviews of the software prove how versatile and comprehensive this program is.

SignNow offers quick and simple solutions for creating documents, editing their contents, distributing files across the company and outside, as well as placing official electronic signatures. All papers signed digitally with SignNow are legal just as physical papers signed with a pen. The level of productivity in the company grows thanks to the convenient software.

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