How To Get Your Partner To See A Doctor

We are going to use this article to totally generalize that men do not like to speak to a doctor. They hate going to an appointment, preferring to “wait until later” as much as they hate to ask for directions or give over control of a barbecue grill to a woman. It’s just not in the playbook for most men – and there is a trend that proves it! 

Men are way less likely to go and see a doctor if there is a problem, especially if their problem is in a – ahem – delicate area. Fewer men know the signs for testicular cancer and prostate cancer than women when it comes to breast cancers, and this is not okay! If you are dealing with a partner/husband/boyfriend who is reluctant to see a doctor about his health, know that you are frustratingly not alone. The good news is that there are understandable reasons he won’t go. The bad news is that he will use these reasons not to go at all. 
Fear is one of the biggest motivators for men to avoid the doctor. He’s afraid to be told he isn’t superman who is made of steel; he’s a vulnerable human being. So, while there is a top proton therapy center that can help when he’s diagnosed with a preventable cancer, you will need to try to convince him to lean toward preventative care and screenings over chemo! He may be busy and worried about losing his tough exterior, but is he more worried about that than possibly dying? Is he more worried about having an hour out of his day than he is having years off his life? Well, now we need to get him to the doctor, and here’s how to do it!

  • Make it seem like it’s his idea. If you are subtle enough, you can leave enough subliminal signs for him to see a doctor that he thinks it’s his idea. If he thinks that he came up with the idea to go to the doctor, he feels in control.
  • Don’t nag about it. Come from a place of caring and explain you’re worrying about his health, which is going to affect YOU. So, you can offer to go with him, or you can offer to find him a great doctor to see. If you’re nagging, he’s running.
  • Suggest someone in your friendship group has had a lucky escape. If he knows someone that noticed a lump or odd looking bump and got it checked out, he may do the same.
  • Go together to the doctor. When you book yourself an appointment, casually offer to book him one to get a regular checkup. You can make a date for lunch afterwards; the promise of food may motivate him more than you think!
  • Get him to take the kids. Often, Mom takes the kids and books her appointments at the same time as one large family appointment. If you get him to take them and do the same, he’s the example to the kids, which will make him feel good.
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