A Guide for Housetraining Your Dog

A dog is a happy and loving addition to any home, whether a single professional, a couple, or a large family. A dog easily becomes an extra member of the household, with many years of love and affection to come. 

Nevertheless, when you first get a puppy or a dog, the hard bit needs to be done first: and that means housetraining. Many dog owners, despite extensive research, don’t understand the full extent of housetraining until experiencing it for themselves, and it’s important to remember that it can be very demanding while your dog is still learning. 

That being said, it’s absolutely worth the trouble if you’re a dog lover! Here is a helpful guide for housetraining your dog. 

Develop a Treat System

Treats will be helpful tools for training your dog and having them learn right from wrong. You need to use treats sparingly and with a system in mind, so that your dog doesn’t always expect treats, and can more easily associate them with good behavior. 

You should think about your treat system in the following ways: 

  • Be sure to let your dog see the treat and associate it with a command. Don’t provide the treat until your dog has successfully performed the command. 
  • Repeat the same command many times more so that your dog can become more familiar with the concept that they will get a reward for performing the command successfully. 
  • Only use certain treats for training. If you combine the same treats for other uses, such as at general mealtimes, your dog won’t be able to easily associate them with good training behavior. 
  • Look into alternative treats, such as from ceebeedoo.com, which may have calming effects, too. Training in a new home can be a stressful time for your dog, so natural treats that may alleviate anxiety can be a boon. 

Use Vocal Affirmations 

Your dog will be able to sense meaning in the tone of your voice, and this will be helpful for training. Use positive and softer words when they have shown good behavior and adopt a strict and clear tone for any negative feedback, especially with the word ‘no’. 

Stay Motivated and Consistent 

Housetraining a dog may not be easy, but what’s most important is that you stay consistent with your own behavior. If you are teaching your dog to not jump onto the couch, you need to issue a firm no and stand up every time your dog jumps up, to command it down. This may mean continually doing so, and it can be tempting after the tenth time during a long evening that you just leave your dog to lie on the couch, but this will do no good in the long run. It might be tiring, but be strict and consistent. 

Have a Structured Toilet Routine? 

Training your dog not to do their business in the house is one of the most demanding (and key) aspects of housetraining. This is going to require structure, and perhaps several walks or let outs during the day. You need to make sure that you take your dog outside very early so that they can learn to do their first business outside rather than on their training mat. You also need to take them out throughout the day to have them used to doing their business outside.

It will take time and dedication, not to mention extra efforts to keep your house clean, but once your dog is housetrained, the hard work is done!

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