We have all been through a very strange few months as 2020 has certainly not been the year anyone really expected. The global pandemic has hit many countries with difficulty and left us all facing a new world. But for a lot of us, what does that even look like. Here are some of the things we are now learning to expect and experience as we all face this ‘new world’ and a strange and unique future.  

Understanding our world and threats

It is important than now more than ever we understand there is a threat out there. The viruses that take hold do not simply just go away. The threat of things such as SARS or Covid-19 remain the same but the threat just gets reduced and it is important to have an understanding so that you can keep yourself safe. There is a lot of information such as articles that discuss Targeting SARS-CoV-2 to help you feel more informed about these things. However, your actions and what you do can be your biggest defence. 

Face masks becoming the norm

Now that we are slowly coming out of what has even a global pandemic, you will now see that things such as face masks have become the norm for you. Public transport, being in shops and in times where you can keep a distance means that face masks will now need to be worn. It can be daunting as you get used to this new normal, but it is an essential defence as many viruses including SARS and Covid-19 can be airborne. 

Social distancing 

Another thing that you may have to start getting used to is social distancing. Essentially it means keeping your distance from people that are not directly part of your household such as your partner or children. Different countries will have different guidelines as to how far away you should stay varying from one meter to two, but then you can also decide what you feel comfortable with. It is important to get into the habit of this while the crisis that we are currently in runs its course but could be a good rule for the future when it comes to being in close contact with strangers. 

A new way to interact 

You may find that you are doing things differently now, such as staying at home more often, ordering online instead of heading to a shop for example. These things will be changes that you are likely to take into your future as you may make decisions based on what you think is essential and what might not be. This might make you change towards other aspects of your life such as taking holidays. 

Value in our health 

Finally, you may find that you will have a focus on your health more and this might mean that you will value things such as your diet, what you consume and your fitness levels. Winter especially might be a tough time for things such as COVID-19 as more symptoms of flu are evident, so you may want to try and get yourself in the best possible shape and be more healthy. 

Let’s hope this helps you to navigate the news world’ that we find ourselves in. 

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