Top 7 Medical Marijuana Strains

Many popular weed strains hold alleged medicinal values. Over recent years, several studies have been conducted by medical experts to identify the potential health benefits of strains. If you are looking to learn about medical marijuana strains, then you have landed here correctly. Here I’m going to list down a few well-known marijuana strains that claim to possess medical benefits: 

Purple Kush

Perhaps, you have already heard a lot about Purple Kush as it is considered an excellent strain for inducing a state of bliss. You can instantly feel positive emotions like happiness, hope, awe, pride, and love. This strain is often used for muscle spasms and reducing pain. It is noticed that this energizing strain can also be used to cope with insomnia. 

Blue Dream

This strain is a total sedative and widely known for its soothing and relaxing properties. If you often complain of acute pain conditions, inflammation, and cramps, then Blue Dream is suitable to make you feel at ease. You can fall asleep that further helps you restore your mood. You can expect an absolute feeling of euphoria. 

White Berry

It wouldn’t be wrong here to mention that White Berry is a great nighttime smoke for patients who desire peace in their lives and easy feelings. Typically, it is said by medical experts that White Berry strain can be an ideal treatment for restless leg syndrome and relieving muscle spasms. The soothing qualities of this strain are perfect for a relaxing sitting on the couch. 

G-13 Haze

Primarily, G-13 Haze is used by patients who are suffering from depression, ADHD, and ADD. This strain is a successful combination of different types of marijuana. The strain holds highly praised properties. It was initially developed by Barney’s Farm—a European company. G-13 Haze has a sweet & spicy flavor that can uplift users in the shortest time. 

Crimea Blue

Crimea Blue is known as having “connoisseur-level detail.” It would be appropriate here to highlight that this strain is a clear prize winner due to its fantastic combination of genes. Crimea Blue is a perfect mix of Blueberry strain and Ukrainian Hash. This strain has a divine flavor of pine and lemon. This strain holds high medical values and is considered a treatment for multiple sclerosis patients, muscle-spasms, pain reduction, and HIV/AIDS patients.


This medical strain has to offer significant health benefits to glaucoma sufferers. Undoubtedly, it can be used by the patients to improve their appetite and control ocular pressure. The hybrid genetics of A-Train is also available, which is an ideal blend of Trainwreck & Afghani Maza. This mix is known for its favorable taste. Plus, its plant is quite easier to grow. 

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple can be used if you are fighting with stress and insomnia. It is a profoundly relaxing strain that can help you handle your condition in no time. It can make you feel happy. Most importantly, if you are experiencing a lack of appetite due to insomnia, then Granddaddy Purple can surely increase your hunger.  

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