Las Vegas is a place which often appears on many bucket lists. It’s also the number one choice for many people who want to celebrate a party weekend, a weekend away or even their bachelor or bachelorette party. Las Vegas is the perfect spot to fill 48 hours of vibrant scenery, exciting nightlife, and great people. 

If you’re considering a trip to Las Vegas, then here is a quick guide for everything you need to know. 

Walking Everywhere Can Be Difficult 

When you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, it can seem such a manageable size when you see it on videos and photos. It appears that everywhere is within walking distance and that the Strip is easily navigated from place to place. However, it’s actually further than you think, and trying to walk everywhere may leave you exhausted. 

Instead, make use of walkways, trams and the monorail to make sure that your feet don’t start to hurt. 

There are Fantastic Places to Eat and Drink 

The Strip is full of opportunities for fine dining experiences, with restaurants and hot spots to suit everybody, no matter your taste and budget. It’s a good idea to research in advance and plan ahead to the places you want to eat, as booking ahead of time can avoid the stresses of trying to find a table during peak eating time. 

You’ll also find many opportunities for a drink (as Las Vegas is undoubtedly renowned for). Even while gambling and using the slot machines, you’ll be plied with opportunities to order another round. Be sure to drink sensibly and plan ahead to make sure that any hangover doesn’t ruin the rest of your time in Las Vegas. You can find hydrating hangover cures from companies like resetiv.com.

Do Your Research 

Familiarizing yourself with all the potential places will make your trip to Las Vegas a lot easier. This counts for both before you travel, and as soon as you arrive by having a walk around your hotel and finding out which facilities are close by. Although a weekend is more than enough time to experience Las Vegas, you also don’t want to waste time trying to find the points of interests you really want to see, or risk not knowing the quickest route to finding something. 

Pack for Any Weather 

You’re expecting a sunny Vegas strip, which is entirely valid, of course. Therefore, you need to pack for hot weather and be sure to take plenty of sunscreen and water with you. Nevertheless, Vegas means you’ll be going in and out of a variety of places, whether casinos, bars and restaurants, and temperatures can change considerably indoors due to air conditioning. So always make sure to have options for hot and cooler temperatures — and a light, a showerproof jacket wouldn’t hurt either. 

Cabs May Take A While

If you’re planning to depend on taxi travel the majority of your trip, then it’s not as simple as hopping into a cab that’s waiting ready outside your venue or hotel. When you order a cab, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to show up, depending on how close to peak time it is. So always plan ahead for cabs or risk being late to a meetup or show!

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