How Technology Can Help Airlines Regain Liftoff After Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses across virtually all industries. However, airlines are undoubtedly one of the worst victims. Major operations have lost millions in revenue while overseas travel could be one of the last issues to regain normality. If airlines are going to recover, advanced tech will be behind the resurrection.

Aviation sectors are often among the pioneers of modern tech, and this is an era where those thoughts will be more evident than ever. Here are some of the areas where tech can help them thrive during an unprecedented period of turbulence.

Reducing Production Costs

Designing, building, and maintaining planes isn’t cheap. Especially when you take all other operational costs into account. Advanced aerospace tech can use 3D printing to save time and money during prototyping and part replacements. Meanwhile, robotic applications can make the installations quicker and more convenient. It also boosts accuracy.

The aviation industry is responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions. Consequently, then, investments into green tech is another crucial factor. Becoming carbon neutral isn’t only a move that can bring savings over the long haul by reducing operational costs. It’ll also boost brand image and support airlines with a professional and responsible character.

Regaining Passenger Interest

A lot of people will have reservations about stepping back on a plane or vacationing abroad. Airlines are under immense pressure to master their branding and marketing strategies. First and foremost, video updates should inform consumers about the precautions that have been made. This covers ideas that keep airports and aircrafts safer in relation to the virus.

Effective marketing will play a crucial role too. Passengers won’t resist great deals, which is why timed offers can work wonders, especially as a reward to loyal flyers. A.I. tech can predict behaviours to market the most suitable destinations. Meanwhile, VoIP allows sales teams to use human interactions to remarket abandoned bookings. In turn, conversions will soar.

Recruitment & Staff Development

Airlines face a major battle in the bid to juggle tighter budgets with the need for progress. Staffing is one area where significant steps can be taken throughout the rest of 2020 and beyond. Improved HR networking and A.I. application analysis can help find better candidates. However, tech doesn’t only support the recruitment process. It also supports continued growth.

Virtualisation through VR experiences and digital twins tech can help airline, pilots, and air control.  It helps with training while also providing deep insights into past events that allow teams to learn how to act in future situations. Simulations are now more realistic than ever before, which also delivers the very best skills upgrade.


The aviation industry faces a difficult time. But technology can spearhead the changes needed for modern developments. Through a combo of industry-specific tools and generic business tools, airlines can overcome the bumps ahead. 5G tech and increased capabilities for in-flight passenger links can only further aid the cause.

When supported by the advanced technologies implemented by airports themselves, the end of 2020 may look a lot brighter than Q2.

How Technology Can Help Airlines Regain Liftoff After Covid-19 3
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How Technology Can Help Airlines Regain Liftoff After Covid-19 5

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