Beauty practitioners have long held that ‘you are what you eat’, but now they are starting to extend that time-old truism to ‘you are what you consume’. That includes not just food but liquids and skin products too. As the skin is the largest organ in the body, it can absorb most of the substances that are applied to it topically. Switching to organic skin care can help prevent absorption of unnecessary chemicals into the body, as well as bringing many other benefits.

What is Organic Skin Care?  

If a skincare product is USDA certified organic, then is held to the same standards as organic food. This means all ingredients have been grown without the use of pesticides, bioengineered genes, and petroleum-based fertilizers. These ingredients will have been farmed using the most sensitive methods regarding biodiversity. 

While natural products are also derived from natural sources and made without added synthetic compounds, they differ from organic as they do not fulfill the USDA organic requirements. 

The Benefits of Using Organic Skin Care: 

  1. Improve Overall Health

While it may not be instantly noticeable, using non-organic skincare can have long term effects on one’s health. This is especially true in America since U.S. federal law allows companies to leave chemicals off their ingredients list if they are considered a trade secret. Furthermore, there are more than 500 products currently being sold in the US that contain ingredients that are banned in cosmetics in Japan, Canada, and the European Union. This makes the potential for adverse effects even greater since one is not able to avoid potentially harming chemicals.   

2. Going Organic is Better for the Skin 

Although a standard, non-organic face cream may feel as if it is working well, switching to organic face serums will bring long term benefits to the skin. One of the reasons for this is due to the use of silicones in the majority of lip balms, skin hair care products. A product containing silicones will give the impression of improving moisture by coating and covering the cells. While this makes the user think they see the benefits, silicones are actually what is called a ‘drying agent’, which work by coating the outer layer, preventing any moisture from actually penetrating the skin or hair cells.  

3. Save Some Money 

The example of silicone can illustrate how using cheaper non-organic beauty products ends up more expensive in the long run. The initial impression of shine and moisture that is given by using a product containing silicones diminishes over time, exposing the damage it has created. This is a practice that works to motivate people to purchase additional products to try and rectify the issue created by the first product. 

4. It is Better for the Environment 

Since organic skincare products are made from organic ingredients grown and produced by sustainable practices it is the most environmentally conscious option. This is because, unlike the alternatives, the ingredients are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers, meaning they produce less carbon dioxide and fewer dangerous wastes. Choosing to go organic helps not only the individual but the wider world too!  

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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