Cybercrime And Your Business

It’s easy to assume that cybercriminals are only going after big businesses, but this simply isn’t true. If you run a small or medium-sized company, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks. According to statistics, 58% of cyberattacks in 2018 involved small businesses. If you’re looking for ways to secure your systems and prevent breaches, this guide should come in handy.

Staff training

Many people who join your team may not be aware of the risk of cybercrime, and they might not have received any kind of training related to minimizing the risk of data loss and security breaches. Providing training for your employees is an excellent way to ensure that everyone is up to date with the latest guidelines and advice and to make sure that policies are implemented properly. The world of technology advances at lightning speed, so offering regular training workshops and seminars is crucial.

Clear guidance

Many people who work for your business have access to networks, systems, software and files, but they may not be IT wizards who have extensive knowledge of cybersecurity. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide clear guidance and make sure every member of your team is familiar with the policies and procedures in place. Individuals should be encouraged to use passwords that are difficult to guess, to change their passwords on a regular basis and to use secure networks. If you allow your employees to bring their own devices or work remotely, you should ensure that any sensitive data can only be accessed by authorized personnel. 

Call in the experts

If you don’t have an IT department on-site, it’s worth working with experts to ensure that the measures that you have implemented are sufficiently robust and to gain access to support to keep your business running. It’s also hugely beneficial to consider working on a backup and disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime and facilitate a speedy recovery if things go wrong. You can read more online, and it’s wise to seek advice to access tailored solutions that will cater to your requirements. Preparing for the worst is always a good idea in business. If your systems are breached, you can trigger the backup plan to get back on track as quickly as possible. 

Make cybersecurity a priority

If you read the papers, you might be forgiven for thinking that hackers are out to bring down large corporations, but this is not always the case. It’s critical to understand that all businesses are at risk. Prepare as if you are a target. This will help to ensure that cybersecurity is a priority. You should devote as much care and attention to this aspect of the business as protecting your physical premises, promoting health and safety and keeping your customers happy. If you don’t invest in security measures, there’s a risk of losing significant sums of money and your reputation might also suffer. Clients need to be able to trust you. 

Cybercrime is one of the most significant threats to modern-day businesses. Ask yourself if you’re doing enough to protect your business. If the answer is no, now is the time to take action. 

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