Someones Birthday At Lockdown?

If you have a friend or family member who has their birthday during these trying lockdown months, then you may have to think extra hard about it. It isn’t always easy at the best of times, but now certain shops are closed and activities prohibited, it won’t be easy to find the perfect gift. Whether you want to go for a surprise or a more collaborative gift, these tips can get the ideas percolating in your mind. Of course, everyone is different, and only you will know exactly what they want. Use these as a springboard to help you get towards the perfect gift. With your research on top, you can find something truly memorable and something that your loved one will cherish.

An Activity

The problem with giving them an activity is that they may not be able to use it right away because of the social distancing regulations. If you think they’ll be happy to receive a gift and have to wait to use it, then this could be a great route to go down. First off you need to find out what they like. Is it fishing, or maybe driving. Buy them experiences based on things they currently enjoy and you’re onto a winner. You just need to put in that research first. Ask a partner, or a parent what they like. Then make sure you buy something they wouldn’t mind attending. Try to ensure it has a wide date, meaning you’re not purchasing something for an exact date in the future, but is instead something they can book themselves. It makes everything far more flexible.

Go For Games

One thing you’ll know they’ll be able to do is play video games. Do they enjoy them? Find out what system they have and buy them a game. It’s something they can do right away and something personal. You just have to make sure they don’t already have the game. You might also want to make sure it’s in a genre they enjoy. If you wanted to push the boat out and get them something special think about a console. An Xbox or PS4 would be a great addition to a gamer’s collection. Try to shop around. Prices are a little inflated at the moment due to Covid-19 and wide demand. It’ll surely give them something to get stuck into. 

Go for A Book

If you’re a reader, a well researched and great book is always a welcome and personal gift. If you know they like reading and want to get them something this is the way to go. There are tonnes of message boards advising which books are best in each genre. Just find out whether they have it or not. To do this you just need to ask a partner or friend. If you can’t get around to give the present, you could even gift them the item on an E-reader. If you wanted to go further you could even buy them an E-reader itself. There are a lot to choose from, and it would make a great gift for a reader. 

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