Fraud is a rampant problem in modern society. It has a huge impact on everything from businesses to national security. This is why businesses and government agencies are constantly looking for ways to keep fraudulent activities at a minimum inside their organizations. The following are a few approaches to fraud prevention used to keep ordinary businesses and government agencies dealing with national security as free from being victims of fraud as humanly possible.


Fraud prevention training isn’t just for home security professionals. There are all kinds of fraud that can take place in a business, and every employee needs to be aware of how to spot and report these incidences. This is especially important for those working in customer service and onboarding, in regards to customer fraud, and those in accounting for internal fraud. While taking steps to increase your company security and using information protection is important, having a well trained staff can make the greatest difference in catching and preventing fraud.

Using Data Encryption

Both ordinary businesses and government security agencies utilize computer networks. Oftentimes these networks contain corporate or national security secrets. To prevent fraud from being carried out on these networks, the practice of encrypting data is utilized to make sensitive data difficult to understand even if it falls into the wrong hands.

AI Security Solutions

As AI-systems become smarter, it is only natural for companies and national security agencies to want to adopt AI methodologies which work for security-related issues. One reason is because a machine can respond to fraud committed on a network faster than a human can. An AI-system could also be programmed to employ Entity Extraction techniques to help identify and classify threats in real time.

Background Checks

It may seem somewhat low-tech, but a background check can provide insight into the employees that work for a business or a government security agency. A background check can alert the hiring agent to any red flags about a potential applicant or employee which needs oversight. This in turn helps a company or government security agency to find quality candidates that are less likely to be engaging in fraudulent activities.

No one wants to be a victim of fraud. Businesses and national security agencies are always going to have to face down problems of people attempting to carry out fraud inside and outside their organizations. By being able to identify, isolate and corner fraud from multiple angles, this will help make it easier for these entities to keep those who commit fraud out of their way.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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