Being at home during this pandemic is something that might feel a little foreign to many of us. However it is more important than ever to stay home and stay safe during a time when the world is so uncertain. 

As well as many of us being off work for a long period of time, we have lost many of the facilities we once had access to. This is seen most clearly for those of us who are into fitness. There are no longer yoga classes, gyms, sport centres and swimming pools open to the public and this has stopped many of us in our tracks as far as fitness is concerned. 

Bit did you realise that you can still stay fit and exercise in the comfort of your own home? We don’t need fancy equipment and a gym setting to workout, and many people have made it their mission to start a fitness journey at home during lockdown. 

Here are some of the ways that you can stay healthy and fit at home this year. 


Yoga is a practice that is good for the body and soul, and is focussed on flexibility and strength. For those of you who want to try fitness at home, yoga is ideal. You can do yoga easily in your living room and all you need is a soft surface or a yoga mat to use. Yoga can be practiced most days and will lengthen and strengthen your whole body as well as improve your mental health. 

Martial arts 

Yes, we did say it. Martial arts might seem like the most elite exercise you can do during this time but if you are into fitness already it can be a step in a fun direction. Whether you choose mma, Kung fu or judo, there are lots of ways to learn martial arts online and you can take part in classes or watch videos on YouTube for this. 


Zumba is a dancing exercise that can be ideal for any member of the family. Whether you do this with your partner or your kids it is a good way to stay fit and get some cardio into your day. Zumba is all about quick and fun movements and you can make it as crazy or reserved as you need to. Don’t worry about a thing and just let the music and the beat take you where you need to be! 


Pilates is often confused with yoga but these two are actually quite different. Pilates is a way to mix yoga moves with HIIT workout reps and is a very core focussed practice. There are lots of great Pilates workouts on YouTube for you to try and you’ll be able to gain some great muscle definition around the abs through these workouts. 


If you have a garden, why not spend your days in the sun playing a bit of football? Sure, you might not have the space or the players to have a full game, but you can work on your technique and your skills. 

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