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How Your Immune System Works

Given the health dangers surrounding the worldwide pandemic, it’s important we understand how our bodies work. Our immune systems fight off invading diseases and illnesses; however, the average person is unsure how it does so. 

Your immune system binds together a network of cells and organs to defend against antigens, which are anything that can bring you to sickness. When your immune system functions properly, your body can recognize intruding antigens – including viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria.

Antigens are everywhere, and with COVID-19 being a novel virus, no one is immune to its antigens. A healthy immune system will create a barrier halting malicious invaders from entering. However, many can slip through. In this case, our white blood cells will begin to attack the unwelcomed antigens, hoping to destroy them before they reproduce.

Currently, there is no known method to improve an immune system that has already been compromised. However, you can take precautions to help avoid exposure. Continue reading to find tips on boosting your immune system.



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