In the wake of pandemic COVID-19, we all are forced to stay indoors. Like my family and me; you and your family are bound to spend their days and nights indoors. While you are taking every precaution and preventive measures to safeguard yourself and your family from the deadly virus; you have gone oblivious to the fact that indoors is as polluted as the outdoors. 

By staying captive within the four walls of your home, and not stepping out for months; you may be thinking that you have won the battle against the toxic atmosphere, pollution, and other harmful substances. But, to your dismay, you are wrong. 

The modern furnishings, carpets, synthetic building materials, and paints contain more chemicals than expected. And, do not forget the confined spaces we are living in. The block of airflow results in the buildup of air pollutants inside the home; thus resulting in asthma, sick building syndrome and other respiratory problems. 

What to do? Well, nature is healing! Nature has solutions for every problem, and for this one too. Bring indoors, air-purifying plants.The study of NASA reveals that indoor air-purifying plants have the ability to absorb the chemicals, pollutants, and toxic substances from the air, especially in enclosed spaces lacking proper ventilation. Moreover, these plants are therapeutic. 

Here’s how air-purifying plants will keep you and your family healthy. 

  1. Increase Productivity: Many of us, including you and your family are working from home day and night due to the outbreak of pandemic. And, you would agree that working indoors means a lot of distraction–family, laziness, household chores, and whatnot. So, it's more than ever necessary to stay focused and productive. By embracing plants indoors, you can reap the benefits of increased productivity because they reduce fatigue and stress, and enhance memory and concentration. 
  2. Breathe Fresh Air: To put a brave fight against the viruses, it’s essential that you keep yourself healthy inside-out. While you must be eating wholesome food and exercising daily, if you are not breathing fresh air, you are vulnerable to diseases. Peace Lily, English Ivy, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Rubber Plant, Devil’s Ivy, and many more are air-purifying plants allow you to breathe oxygenated air. Inhaling fresh air keeps your respiratory system and internal organs healthy. 
  3. Rise in Humidity Level: Cold, Sore Throat, and Dry Cough are the symptoms of CoronaVirus. These health issues are common, and most of us are inflicted with these regularly. Your family is no different. Nurturing and nourishing air-purifying plants is one way to heal these health abnormalities naturally. Plants increase the humidity of a room; thus contributing towards less respiratory problems, reducing the onset of dry skin, and other health issues. 

In addition to these, there are other benefits of keeping air-purifying plants indoors, such as: 

  • Reduced feelings of anger, sadness, and boredom – When forced to live in an enclosed space for a long period of time – such as during quarantine, or if incarcerated – it’s normal to start feeling claustrophobic and depressed; this is because human beings require fresh air, open-space and interaction with other people to maintain good mental health. Air-purifying plants can make life easier.  
  • Reduction of sound levels – If you live in a flat or semi-detached house you can probably hear your neighbors through the walls from time-to-time. This will be much more common during quarantine. You might not be aware but green leafy plants are excellent absorbers of sound. The leafs and branches effectively reduce noise, the more you have the better. 
  • Cooling effect – Indoor plants are excellent companions during quarantine, they not only create an atmosphere rich in oxygen and reduce the unwanted background noise of your neighbors, but they also cool down your stuffy rooms in the height of summer. They do this by releasing water during the process of transpiration.
  • Faster recovery from mental tiredness – During quarantine we might find that we suffer more from fatigue and mental tiredness. Part of the reason is working from home and juggling our lifestyles, but the containment can also contribute to inertia. Having living breathing plants around your home helps to reinvigorate your senses – keep them healthy and they will look after you.   
  • Spacious and beautiful homes – Your air-purifying plants will also make our home look and feel more open and inviting. Even if your rooms are stuffed full of plants it won’t seem cluttered. That’s one advantage of having indoor planets, you can have as many as you like without it getting overcrowded. When it comes to air-purifying plants, the more the merrier. 

You know that air-purifying plants and indoor green beauties are your health savior as well as beautifies your home. What’s with the wait? Bring them indoors now! 

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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