Everyday technology makes our lives easier and connects us like never before. Take the smartphone; when the first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007, our lives were forever changed. A lot has happened in the years since its debut. Today, we can find answers to our questions with a quick search, take incredible photos, get directions to almost anywhere, book airline flights, make a reservation at a restaurant and share messages with the entire world with just a few taps.

But not everyone is an adopter. Data from a study conducted by AARP shows that smartphone adoption is at 62 percent for those who are 70 or better. Factors like small screen sizes and a steep learning curve may be to blame. While some seniors may opt for flip phones, there’s a wide world of senior-friendly tech out there that’s not only designed to be functional, but easy for everyone to use.

A Smarter Thermostat

People looking to simplify their heating and cooling control center all while saving energy commonly turn to smart thermostats. Yet most of the smart thermostats available today are only compatible with common HVAC systems. This leaves homes equipped with high-voltage heating systems such as baseboard, radiant or fan-forced convectors with fewer options. The experts from Mysa saw a gap in the market and invented a smart thermostat with a clean design and touch-sensitive buttons that’s compatible with high-voltage heating systems. Factoring in the environment and energy use, Mysa offers an eco mode that adjusts the temperature automatically to save both energy and money. Plus, this smart thermostat is compatible with Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing seniors to adjust the temperature with the sound of their voice once it’s installed.

All-Inclusive Home Security Cameras

Reports from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that seniors are more likely to experience property crime than younger age groups. However, there are measures anyone can take to better protect their home and what’s inside. While locking doors and windows, keeping a tidy yard and using outdoor lights can all detour would-be criminals, adding a security camera system to the home is the most effective measure a homeowner can take. Just the presence of a home security camera system can make criminals reconsider breaking into a home. The latest Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras provide indoor and outdoor monitoring. They’re not only easy to install, the cameras can be moved around the home with ease. Plus, Wi-Fi security cameras offer two-way talk, giving seniors the ability to monitor the door for visitors without putting themselves at risk to strangers.

A New Kind of Portal

Staying connected is easy thanks to a new kind of portal. Created by Facebook, Portal is a tablet-like device designed for video calling. Making video calling smarter, the device automatically pans and zooms keeping everyone in view. Plus, it has a built-in Smart Sound feature that instantly reduces background noise and enhances the voice of whoever is talking. The smart device uses Facebook’s built-in video calling service and there’s no monthly fee. All that’s required to make and take calls is a Wi-Fi connection.

Stay Connected

From a smart video calling device and smart thermostat to the latest home security tech, these smart devices can make life easier for seniors. Just add Wi-Fi.

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Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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