Although you might be looking forward to the summer months, your home might not be, with summer storms, heatwaves, and more time spent outside, creating potential damage to your home. To ensure that your home is protected throughout the summer months and that it can provide you with an enjoyable space to relax in the sun, here are some top home maintenance tips for summer.

  1. Install Air Conditioning

During the summer months, your home can often feel like a furnace, with its insulation ensuring that your property retains the heat from the sun throughout the peak of the day and beyond. To prevent yourself from falling ill or from feeling uncomfortable with the high temperatures of your home, you should consider installing an air conditioning unit. These can help to reduce the ambient temperature within your home and give you the blast of cold air that you need when you need it. To install the right unit for your home, you should call out an air conditioning specialist who can help you to fit the right, high-quality apparatus into your home.

2. Repair Your Outdoor Paths and Driveways

The summer months can make your outdoor paths and driveways buckle and crack due to the warm temperatures making concrete and many other popular materials expand. Not only this, but it is likely that you will be spending more time outside during summer, meaning that your pathways will undergo more wear and tear. Then, it is paramount that you look to repair your outdoor paths and driveways both at the beginning of summer and its end by using filling materials and replacing cracked paving slabs.

3. Fix and Varnish Your Decking

If you are planning to spend the summer relaxing on your decking, it is paramount that you consider fixing any loose boards and removing any weeds from the wooden slats before you start to use it. Not only this, but if your decking has grown shabby and worn over the winter months, you should think about varnishing and painting the wood, or at least giving the surface a power-wash to ensure that it looks great throughout the summer and next winter.

4. Make Your Home Pest-Proof

The warm temperatures of summer make it the prime time for pests to enter your home. Then, you should try to make your house pest-proof before the summer ends. You can do this by filling any cracks in your walls with caulking, using window sealant to close gaps, and calling out an insect specialist to assess your home and find any issues that may attract the unwanted creatures.

5. Check Your Home’s Structure and Roofing

Winter can be a rough time for your home, and summer storms can be the last nail in the coffin for your home’s foundation and its roof. Then, you should maintain your home before the worst of the summer season hits. For instance, you should replace any loose tiles and fill in any gaps in your roof and guttering, and call out an inspector to check your foundations and assess any cracks that may have surfaced over the last few months of poor weather. 

6. Care for Your Shed

During the summer, the shed is where you will be storing most of your equipment, such as a lawn mower and even garden games. This means that you should look after the building as much as you would in your house. You can do this by replacing and restoring the roof felt, using treatments and varnish on the wood, and seal your shed’s windows often. 

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