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Are You Wearing A Mask Properly?

Everything You Need To Know To Flatten The Curve

Chances are you’ve been asked to start wearing a face mask when you go out into public. If you live in the United States, this may seem like an odd request, as face coverings have generally been prohibited inside public places for safety reasons. But now the safety reasons are related to not catching a deadly virus, and this request is being made of everyone equally. You’ll need to find or make a face mask, wash it thoroughly and wear it properly, but how do you get started?

Professional masks like surgical masks and N95 masks are to be left for healthcare workers. Everyone else is being asked to use a cloth mask. If you can’t sew, there are still plenty of options for you. You can make a simple mask out of a t-shirt or bandana, or you can purchase a homemade mask from Etsy. 

If you can sew, making a simple mask is easy as long as you have all the materials. Wearing the mask requires an understanding of cross-contamination, and most importantly you shouldn’t touch your face while wearing your mask without washing your hands both before and after putting it on or taking it off.

Learn more about how to use a face mask properly below.



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