Whether you’re a fan of exercise, or you’ve recently started a new training program, it’s natural to want to achieve the best results. We all want to get more from our fitness regimes, but how do you go about hitting targets and improving performance levels? Here are some tips to help you get more from every session.

Introducing competition

Humans are naturally competitive creatures. If you’ve ever been at the gym and been joined by a fellow fitness fan half-way through a set of crunches or a treadmill sprint session, you might have found yourself delving deeper. We respond to competition, and it tends to make us push harder. If you don’t already train with a buddy, try taking a friend along. You could also get involved in group training sessions or exercise classes, for example, a spin session, to introduce some friendly competition. Socializing can also make fitness more fun, which can help to maintain high levels of motivation. 

Diet and supplements

To train hard, you need to make sure your body has sufficient fuel in the tank. Your diet should provide your body with the minerals, nutrients and vitamins it needs. Keep a food diary to monitor your intake of proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates, and consider adding supplements like prohormones if you’re looking to build muscle mass. If you’re training, it’s important to ensure you eat enough. Many people make the mistake of trying to lose weight by reducing calorie intake drastically at the same time as training. When you work out, your body uses calories, and if the deficit is too big, you might find that you lose weight quickly, but that your health suffers. If you’re not firing on all cylinders, and you’ve got no energy, you won’t be able to give every session 100%. 

Setting goals

Goals are an excellent source of motivation for those looking to get fit or achieve better results. Set targets that are ambitious but realistic. Push yourself, but don’t try and run a marathon in a month if you’ve never trained before. If you reach milestones, celebrate, reward yourself, and move on to the next goal. Your objectives should encourage you to keep moving in the right direction. If you want to run a marathon one day, but you’ve never been an active person, start with a 5k fun run and build up to a 10k, a half marathon and then take on the gauntlet. If you set goals that aren’t achievable, there’s a risk of losing motivation and feeling like you’ve failed. It’s also hugely beneficial to focus on your performance and not to get too carried away with what others are doing. 

Getting More From Your Fitness Regime 2
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Are you on a mission to get fit, or are you working towards a new fitness goal? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gym-goer, there are ways to get more from your workouts. Set realistic goals, make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet and introduce competition into your routine. Push yourself, keep working towards personal objectives and celebrate the milestones. 

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