How to Decorate Your New Office

When you move to a new office, there’s a lot to think about. You need to make sure that there is enough room for you to grow, that you have the right space to work in and you have an affordable deal. But one thing many companies don’t think about soon enough is how to decorate.

While decoration might be the last thing on your mind right now, it’s important that you plan before you move in. There are few things as stressful as trying to get things done while the decorators are in making a mess! 

So, here a few things to consider before you move in. 

Keep Your Decor on Brand

Branding is everything both inside and outside your office. Using your brand’s colors will tie things together but you should also consider other ways to bring your company’s character to your office. For example, you could create posters to show off your ideas and motivate your staff. A designing a large map is a great way to show your reach and a reprographics company will be able to print an unusually large poster. 

How you accessorize is also important. For example, decorating your office with shells and driftwood might make sense if you provide beach holidays but probably wouldn’t work for a lawyer’s office. Similarly, bright, bold colors might work for a marketing company but wouldn’t really be good for a funeral director!  

Add Plants

At this point, the suggestion to add plants might be obvious but it is perfectly serious. Plants are great for improving the air and they help people to relax too. The best plants are those that require little attention so think along the lines of succulents and lucky bamboo.

You might think that giving people desk plants might be a drain on resources but actually, having a plant companion can make people more productive. Putting plants on a table and asking each employee to pick one out is also a great way to bond.  Alternatively, you might like to encourage employees to bring their own plants in to care for. 

Make Your Employees Comfortable

While decoration and plants are key elements, the most important thing to consider is what will make your employees most comfortable. You need a space that will inspire your employees and facilitate their very best work. 

For some offices this might mean creating spaces where employees can chill out together and chat. For other offices, this might mean a combination of social and isolated spaces depending on the kind of work being done. If you aren’t sure what sort of space your employees want, ask! 

Holding a meeting to discuss designs and share ideas is the best way to bring your employees together and to create a space that suits everyone. Though you may not like every idea – or be able to afford every idea – valuing everyone’s contributions is really important. Besides, this will give your employees a sense of ownership over their new space and make sure they are looking forward to the move. 

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