If you are thinking of buying a new 80-inch TV and even having seen several TVs, you do not clarify much about what is essential to take into account or not, here is a clear and direct guide to know how to choose best 80-inch TV according to your budget. But if you want to read a complete review of the best 80-inch TV, then you must check 5productreviews.com.


The ideal size of your new television is set by the room where you are going to place it and the viewing distance. As most of the current screens already offer 4K resolution, the viewing distance is reduced. Having a meter and a half or two meters is enough to plant a large diagonal screen in front, between 55 and 65 inches perfectly.

Panel technology

We start with the technical topics, OLED, or LED? This will always be the debate par excellence when buying a television. Color purists will tell you that OLED yes or yes. And it is true, the quality of an OLED panel is above other technologies in terms of color representation and black depth, but do not rule out LED screens.

LED technology has improved dramatically in recent years. Proposals such as Samsung’s Q-LEDs or LG’s Nanocell have shown that despite some weaknesses in certain aspects, in others, they can perform better. For example, in bright environments, the maximum brightness level of an LED panel can be higher than OLED and improve the view of the content. Visit – Best information Today

Dynamic range 

Most current panels already support HDR or high dynamic range content. Still, there are differences regarding which standards are supported or not, and that is important. Ideally, you bet on the TV you bet on has support for HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. Having HDR10 is normal, and HLG is fine, but the others are the most used by platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. And of course, also in games that support such images.

4K or 8K?

The answer is easy because the 8K is reserved for high-end displays that are expensive. But in case you do not have financial problems, it is a matter of deciding if you are interested or not. There is no native 8K content, 4K to 8K scaling algorithms work well, but this is not a feature that you should consider as important when buying a new TV.

Connections and connectivity

Now two aspects are closely related. The first: physical connections. Here having several better HDMI 2.0 0 2.1 ports and USB 3.0 is important. With the first, you can choose the advantages provided by the latest standard with technologies such as variable frame rate, for better refreshment when using the television as a screen to play video games. With the seconds, you can load UHD content locally without skipping or jerking, as well as being able to record content with the recording functions offered.

Logically, the more HDMI and USB connections you have, the better, because we no longer only connect a single device or video source. Now it is normal to have one or more consoles, set-top boxes, and some other devices. Ah, remember that at least one HDMI must offer HDMI ARC support if you are going to place accessories such as sound bars, BluRay recorders or players, etc. Also, for the use of set-top boxes such as the Nvidia Shield or similar and to allow the control and turning on of the television from the remote control of the device.

Regarding connectivity, Ethernet connection and WiFi is the usual thing. Having Bluetooth not so much in certain ranges, but today it is very useful. With the proliferation of Bluetooth headphones, if you have this type of connection, you can connect them to listen to TV without disturbing anyone at night hours.

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