Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers or Chiropractic Treatment?

Did you know that good chiropractic care, after an auto accident, can provide a happy life afterwards? Yes, that’s true. If you have suffered from a car accident, there are chances that you have neck or back pain; this could mean you have got a whiplash or spinal injury. The point of concern is that if you do not receive proper care on time (immediately after a crash), these types of injuries can have a negative impact on your mind and health. It can even lead to months, or years, of chronic pain.

What is a whiplash injury?

Whiplash (occurs to a person’s neck) can happen when a person body moves suddenly forward and then backwards. It is the common name for muscle and ligament injuries that usually happen in a car crash. That sudden movement can strain soft tissues without breaking bones–– which causes pain, stiffness, and soreness. No doubt, a whiplash injury is very painful and could take months to heal.

Can painkillers cover-up whiplash or spinal pain symptoms?

Pain is complex, so a person may need different treatment options such as medications, mind-body techniques, and therapies. However, milder forms of pain are deal with over-the-counter medications. Topical pain relievers or analgesics (include paracetamol) such as lotions, creams, or sprays are also applied to relieve pain or inflammation. Traditional medicine (either tablet or creams) gives immediate but short-term relief to a patient, whereas, chiropractic care addresses the underlying injury–– whether it is whiplash or spinal. 

Research shows that nonmedical treatments are equally important to provide pain relief. And if over-the-counter drugs fail to provide relief, the doctor may prescribe muscle relaxants, nutritional supplements, or other stronger medications like anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, etc. 

Moreover, medication isn’t the only solution to help patients regain lost mobility after an injury. An auto injury chiropractor not only helps relieve pressure on the muscles, but it also aligns the spine back to its place. Likewise, additional therapies (corrective exercise) can help recover a person soon. 

What are the different types of car crashes?

  • Rear-End Crashes––the most common of all
  • Head-On Collisions 
  • SUV Rollover Crashes
  • Fatal Crashes
  • Side-Impact Accidents 
  • Commercial Vehicle and Truck Crashes 

What is Post-traumatic stress? 

PTSD is a mental health condition of a person that has triggered by experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. Symptoms may include severe anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks and uncontrollable thoughts about the tragedy. 

An unexpected car accident not only results in painful physical injuries but a person may also experience emotional trauma (PTSD) that impact him or her for months and sometimes years to come. 

Other injuries for which you need to visit a chiropractor

1. Head Injuries

It is common to have traumatic brain injuries after an accident. And it can cause complications, if not treated on time. Moreover, these injuries can affect the memory of a person and other brain functions that might also result in sleeping difficulties. 

*Brain injuries are difficult to diagnose, therefore, one must visit the best doctor, to avoid future complications.

2. Cuts and Scrapes on the skin surface

It is common to have cuts and scratches after a car accident but if not treated properly––may result in an infection or other medical complications.

Signs may include:

  • increasing pain in the wound
  • swelling of the affected area
  • loss of sensation 
  • pulsatile bleeding (if an artery has been severed)
  • redness spreading from the cut 
  • pus forming in the affected area

3. Internal Bleeding

Cuts and scratches are visible but internal bleeding is invisible and dangerous of all. Likewise, if it is not treated on time (soon after an accident) can become life-threatening. Therefore, a person must visit the auto injury chiropractor immediately.

 4. Broken Bones and Ribs–– can be extremely painful

Broken arms, hips, ribs, shoulders, and even legs are common in a collision. Even moderate impact can break your bones. But you might suffer ribs breakage when hardly pushed forwards or backwards because of the car crash. In both cases, the injury requires lengthy periods of rest.

5. Other Psychological Pain 

Likewise PTSD, a person might suffer from other psychological pain. He or she might feel guilty of an incident. This mental distress is a real injury that can take years to heal. And to get back to like, one must get the professional help––visit a psychiatrist as soon as possible. 

Five Warning Signs of Mental Illness

  • Social withdrawal.
  • Extremely high and low moods.
  • Excessive fear or anxiety.
  • Long-lasting sadness or irritability.
  • Dramatic changes in sleeping or eating habits.

*Psychiatrist provides both psychotherapy and medication to treat mental illness of a person. 

8 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents

  1. Be patient. Pull into traffic slowly
  2. Watch for red-light runners.
  3. Keep a good distance between your and other cars in front
  4. Watch for kids.
  5. Scan 12 seconds ahead
  6. Look backwards when backing out
  7. Perform engine maintenance regularly
  8. Do not tailgate. Stop, Look, Listen

Seek Medical Help Immediately

If you or any of your family member is suffering from an auto accident injury such as broken bones, disks, ligaments, joints, nerves, or tendons–– regardless of whether it was a major collision or a “fender bender” –don’t wait to deal with it. 

Remember, if you have experienced injuries which are left untreated for long, chances are that you may also develop Post Traumatic Arthritis that can further lead to chronic inflammatory arthropathies. Furthermore, such injuries can change the mechanics of the joint, making it wear out badly. 

An auto injury chiropractor can help realign your spine while dealing with other injuries as a result of an accident. And at the last resort, they may perform surgical options to treat your chronic pain. So for your own well-being, you must see the best health care provider who has experience dealing with car accident injuries. 

Thank you for reading! 

Call the best Chiropractors today. And don’t forget to share this article with others to spread awareness. 

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