What to Do Before Moving Into a New Office

There’ll come a time when your existing workspace just no longer cuts it. Most enterprises begin their life somewhere small, like a home office, or even just a cafe. But when some success starts coming the company’s way, it’s time to move. There’s only so much you can achieve without a dedicated office for you and your employees. There’s much to think about before you commit to a move, however. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few key considerations that’ll ensure that you end up in the right space.

Think of the Location

You might fall in love at first sight with an office space, but if it’s not in the right location, then you should probably pass. It’s like when you buy a home: the actual property is, of course, important, but so is the neighborhood. In terms of your workspace, you’ll need to think mostly about how easily you and your employees will be able to get there. You’ll begin to resent your office space if your commute sucks up too much of your day. It’s also worth keeping in mind the proximity to other businesses you may need to interact with.

Terms of Agreement

You might think finding an office is just a process of looking at a few different options, making your choice, and then eventually moving in. Alas, it’s not always so simple. There’ll be an application process, and, of course, the landlord will have their terms. To learn more about what the process of taking on a commercial lease involves, take a look at this video FAQ library. It’ll help you to avoid making any simple errors that you may regret further down the line.

Impact on Branding

You might think that your office is just a place to get work done, but it’s much more than that, especially these days. Today, your office will have an impact on your branding and how people perceive your business. If you’re projecting yourself as a young and innovative company, then your office should reflect that attitude. A good way to think about this is to consider what message your office is sending your visitors and your employees; does it say what you’re promoting in other areas of your business?

Future Development

You might need a new office right now, but it’s worthwhile remembering that the future is going to come one way or another — and will your new office make sense then? If you have big plans to grow, then an office that’s only marginally bigger won’t make much sense, since you’ll only need to move again in the future.

Take Your Time 

Finally, be sure to take your time when you’re trying to find a new office. There can be a temptation to rush through the process, but it’s worthwhile taking things slow and finding the right place. Ultimately, it’s going to have a big impact on your productivity and the success of your company, so it’s important to get things right. 

What to Do Before Moving Into a New Office 2
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