Just like every business, a small business doesn’t want to continue relying on customers they’ve developed a rapport with, forever. You can only preach to the choir for so long before you start shrinking in customer number size. Organic traffic is when your business is found naturally through means of content, blog posts, backlinks i.e. other platforms promoting or sharing you as well as effective social media techniques. Essentially, the aim is to bring totally new consumers to your website and introduce them to your brand. Businesses have to continue doing this, as a form of rebuffing and maintaining their customer numbers as some move on while new blood refreshes the ranks. But how exactly can you drive organic traffic to you?

Become a ‘daily read’ 

Customers are fascinated by the brands they care for and in this day and age, they want to know more about you. What makes you tick? What’s your design process? What kinds of things are you finding challenging? What are your hopes for the industry in the near future? This is going to sound like deja vu, but you must focus on writing authentic meaningful content for your business blog. The most successful blogs upload multiple times a week. This not only puts your blog in a more ‘active’ state for search engines, but you’re also showing customers you’re more relevant. Curated content is the only way forward. You don’t have to write your own content, but you should be selecting the topics you want to cover and the points you want to make. However, it is recommended that you have top employees write the content themselves if you can; instead of hiring freelancers.

Being backed up

View your website as the mothership and the offsite links as the baby ships that do your bidding across a much wider area. This is perhaps the most effective way to increase organic traffic with an seo agency. Links from external sites that direct readers to your pages and land them on your products, is a way to build a credible authority. Consumers will see that your brand is being recommended by websites they regularly visit or that they trust. When you’re being backed up by countless other websites, you’re going to increase the amount of trust you have with consumers. If you’re also going for a diverse range of backlinks so different parts of your business are spread all over the internet, you will reach a wider audience. 

Have you mobilized?

Pretty soon, the overwhelming majority of searches will be made on mobile platforms. Currently, it’s markedly over 50% but no doubt this is set to increase. Therefore, creating a mobile version of your website and designing your content more for the mobile audience is your next mission. Mobile searchers don’t have a lot of time on their hands, they’re commuting to work, etc. thus, 2-min reads and imagery-based visual marketing is more effective than promotional emails or interviews.

Organic traffic refreshes your customer ranks and consistently grows your business. You’ve heard it before, but consistent content uploading to your business blog is by far the best way to attract new customers.

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INFOtainment News

Contributing authors to the INFOtainment News team. Let us know if you'd like to contribute as well.

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