How do Petar solo ads have one hand up on Udimi solo ads in the market?

This is the question of almost every publisher nowadays. Why and how Petar solo ads are better than the Udimi solo ads? So our post is here to give you some snippets about the same. But at the same time we would like to help you choose the finest solo ads service provider because if you are in the solo ads market, you may come across many service providers with various fascinating offers and packages. But, choosing the best out of this long list is always a stressful job. Hence, we brought today the complete guidelines to make you choose the best from the rest! 

So to start with – What are Petar solo ads?

How do Petar solo ads have one hand up on Udimi solo ads in the market? 1

Petar solo ads are the email-based promotional tactics that can help in gathering the market in your hands. In the solo ads market, you have to choose the apt service provider as per your requirements and objectives. These service providers will give their potential buyer’s list to get you the subscription for your brand.

Basically, when you apply for solo ads, you have to send one of your dummy emails which are called email swipe in this market. This is the email that will be sent to your end buyers. This is the independent decision of the service providers to alter or not to alter the content in the email swipe.

Now, your service provider will send your email advertisement to the potential buyers which are shortlisted and maintained by them only. Then, this is the responsibility of them to give you the number of clicks that you are paying for. 

This will increase your subscriptions; this will ensure that you can send all your offers and promotions again to the same customers. And, then you will be able to make your customers the permanent one.

In this way, solo ads work in raising your effectiveness and efficiency marks of your sales promotional techniques.

Today, udimi solo ads by petarare being used vastly!! This is becoming the first choice of every marketer around the globe. They are very excellent techniques to survive in the digital market.

What not to do and what to do list to choose the right service providers!!

How do Petar solo ads have one hand up on Udimi solo ads in the market? 2

Here, in this section, we are enlisting your dos’ and don’ts in the solo ads marketing that you ought to consider before choosing your service providers. 


  • Be updated in your knowledge about the various other options
  • Know your end goals from the solo ads
  • Have a trial order from variant and a good number of service providers
  • Ask too many questions to the service providers
  • Design your email swipes aptly
  • Be aware of all the rules and regulations because this solo ads mart is free for everyone to join in and could be the possibility of scammers and frauds.
  • Mention only the detailed advertisements needs, nothing else
  • Clearly point out the 1-tier clicks that you want


  • Do not hesitate in asking questions
  • Do not hurry in taking decisions
  • Just do not fall for so many discounts and all
  • Do not give lump sum orders at the start
  • Do not give any vital information
  • Don’t make whole payment in advance

Why Petar solo ads?

How do Petar solo ads have one hand up on Udimi solo ads in the market? 3

We at Petar solo ads believe in providing more than our best to satisfy our customers. Especially, in the show business like this, it is the necessity of every service provider but there are only a few who can go to the other side of the road. We have been experiencing great numbers of customers as well as conversions of sales for a pretty long time.

Hence we are always 100% self-confident about our services. Hence, we can assure our customers of our best of the services.

But how you can say that Petar solo ads are finest than Udimi solo ads!?

How do Petar solo ads have one hand up on Udimi solo ads in the market? 4

Your search and waiting end here!! Let’s see how you get the better dealt with Petar solo ads than that of Udimi solo ads. Let’s quickly get down there:

  • We are less costly than the udimi. That too not with 10 % or 20%. We are 40% less in our pricing strategies.
  • We have 95% traffic from the 1-tier countries (this is the buyer’s base from highly developed countries like Australia, Canada, USA, etc) in our general package at the same price. On the other side of the road, in udimi, you have to pay an extra amount to get more than 80% clicks from the 1- tier countries. 
  • We do not promise to give you any unachievable and unreal sales conversion like udimi. We instead try our more than best to offer 20% over the delivery.
  • We give the fastest delivery of every order. In general, we deliver the orders in not more than 24 hours spare of time.
  • The success of solo ads is lying in between the quality and effectiveness of the traffic. Hence, we keep in mind the high-quality traffic to our every order. There is no other price to get this facility. We transfer the best quality traffic to each email swipes that we send.
  • We know that what an investor of solos ads wants. Hence, we guarantee 100% authentic potential buyers instead of a 100% guarantee of sales conversion like udimi. You need that particular buyer to whom the solo ads are sent to purchase from you. And, we ensure this with our genuine potential buyer’s lists.

Final thoughts

To end with we just want to conclude with a fact that you should opt for thePetar solo ads over any other service providers. We confidently offer you splendid services and traffic; you can see customer testimonials on facebook solo ads group. Our support system is also very user- friendly as our customers are the prime asset for us. Moreover, we are successful to satisfy our client’s needs that give us great numbers in regular clients and that too happy customer.

We are the leading advertisers in the show business right now!! Join our hands and get started as soon as possible. Petar solo ads have all where udimi lacks in.

How do Petar solo ads have one hand up on Udimi solo ads in the market? 7
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How do Petar solo ads have one hand up on Udimi solo ads in the market? 9

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