We think that no matter how many children you have, every time that you have another one you’re entering into a new-mom life. Your life is not going to be the same as when you had one child, and your life is not going to be the same as when you have two children. The point is, it keeps getting harder and harder each time, but all the more rewarding. Think about how much more planning it’s going to take to get two children dressed in the morning. Or keep up with three lots of homework. But each mom comes into their own, and we end up doing the best job that we can. If you’re expecting your first baby, then you have all of this wonderful experience to come. It’s easy to think that you’re going to do a terrible job and you just don’t have a clue what you’re doing. But as you go along, you take each day as it comes, and it’s actually not as hard as you think. Well, it totally is as hard as you think, but us moms gain a thick skin pretty quick. No about of dirty nappies at 4 in the morning is going to phase you after a few months of doing it. So, we’re going to aim this at all of the expecting moms who are wondering what their life is going to be like, and might be panicking about it a little bit. Keep on reading to find out what you have in store.

Full Of Planning

Your life is definitely going to become full of planning, and we bet it already has done before you’re even close to the birth. All of the special occasions you have to have before you give birth can start to add up, making it a bigger deal than some moms like. But most moms like how much the attention is on them, and it reminds them of the happy time that they’re going through. Plus, who can complain at having a baby shower when everyone is turning up to shower you and your unborn child in gifts. It’s an occasion that you, or a close family member or friend, tend to plan. These 15 unique baby shower ideas you'll love will give you and your friends some ideas of the style of party that you can throw. Generally, there are lots of silly games, drinking that you can’t take part in, and a lot of you opening gifts from people who have turned up! It’s the final occasion before the big day, which is another thing you need to plan for. You might have thought about it before, or it might be something you’re worried about now we’ve mentioned. It’s basically the process of viewing labor wards and rooms, and styles of birth. You making a birthing plan and your chosen hospital has to stick to it where possible. Before you know it, the next thing you’ll be planning is when to make a bottle!

Joy & Incredible Memories

This is the next thing that’s going to come your way. Amongst everything else that you’ll be wanting to tear your hair out over, you’ll be making incredible memories and feeling such joy. Even all of those times that you have to get them up to give them a feed, you’ll feel some sort of joy at the precious moments you’re spending with them. And that’s just the feeling you get when you’re half asleep and secretly wondering what you’ve done with your life at the same time. Think of the joy that you’re going to feel when they say their first words, or smile at you for the first time, or laugh with the most infectious giggle. Your heart will want to explode at some of the moments they create for you. Then you’ve got the wonders of a family holiday. Although it won’t be the type of holiday that you’re used to, it will be one filled with so much joy. Taking your children around the world is so good for them as well. They get to experience different cultures and understand different parts of the world. Just make sure that you’re making it a super child-friendly holiday if you do decide to book one. The last thing you want to do is go for a style of holiday that just isn’t going to be suitable for the kids. There’s only so many hours of the day that they can spend splashing around in the pool without getting bored. Going to a location where you can go to a waterpark for one of the days is always a bonus.

Troublesome Times

There are going to be some troublesome times ahead. You’re no doubt going into your time as being a mother, knowing that you’re going to have some tough times. Moms like to talk about it more than they talk about anything good. It’s always conversations about getting up in the night, tantrums, lack of sleep, and a need for a glass of wine. But we think that the stronger that the support network you have around you is, the easier it’s going to be to get through them. All you have to do is ring up your friend, or your sister, and offload your troubles onto them. They might be able to help, or they might just be there to tell you it’s all going to be ok.  The troublesome times are usually going to come when your children reach their teenage years. Some parents are lucky enough to breeze through it with only the smallest of outbursts. Their relationship with their child can stay strong. But others have an absolute nightmare, and it can tear the family dynamic apart for good. So our advice is to make sure that you keep your bond with your child all through their life. Be the parent that they love and adore, and raise them with the right values. Give them a great life full of laughter rather than arguments and shouting and you’ll always be able to have a good bond.

A Complete Change Of Lifestyle

This is the one that hits moms the hardest, especially if they use to be able to live a life full of social activities and fun. Some moms get so lonely when they first become a parent because of how alone they feel. People stop coming around unless they have children of their own too! So your lifestyle revolves around making sure that the nappies are changed and the bottles are made. It can be so boring for a mom to sit in all day whilst everyone is at work. So, our advice would be to make sure that you’re getting out to baby classes so that you can get out and meet like-minded moms. Even if they become friends that you only see in those classes, it’s better than being alone all day. Plus, it’s a great way for you to pass the time so you’re not driving yourself mad hoovering the house for the third time that day. You might also find that your lifestyle changes so that you can’t focus on you as much. Morning routines have to be condensed because the baby needs a bottle. So at night, we think it’s so important that you have your you time.  Have a nice shower, dry and sort your hair, do a face mask, and get into bed with a hot water bottle. There’s always going to be plenty of time for some you time, you just have to take the time for it.

Relationships On The Rocks

If your relationship isn’t on the rocks at the minute, we just know it is going to at some point during your time raising a child. You’ll have conflicting views, you’ll both be exhausted, and you’ll both feel like your life has changed. So the obvious thing we’re going to suggest is simply communicating, rather than arguing. Give each other a night off so you can go out with friends once or twice a month. Make sure you’re both cooking and cleaning, and make sure you share the same parenting views. You really do become a team that has to keep your ship afloat. So many arguments could be prevented with simple communication, so make sure you’re always remembering that!

A New Vision Of Life

Life, in general, is going to change, and so is your vision of what you want in life. You’ll be focused on lots of money, a big house, and probably even more children. Your vision will become based around making sure that they have the best life that they can possibly have, whereas before it might have been all about you. Make sure that you’re molding your future into theirs, and that it’s one you’re going to be happy with. You don’t have to sacrifice all of your personal dreams just because you started a family! People achieve great things as a family unit.

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