5 Simple And Useful Smartwatch Apps In 2019

Smartwatches are capable of doing a lot of things. Unlike the authentic watches, it’s able to count your steps, track your heart rate, display notifications, and tells the time accurately. This small piece of technology has lots of sensors and has the necessary processing power to run handy apps that helps you in some ways. 

A smartwatch has apps that can help you when it comes to fitness, let you access your social media accounts, have GPS, and answer messages by voice. Some of the best smartwatches have already apps when you purchase them, such as Google Maps, Google Fit, and Play Music. In recent years, progress is slower, and some of the favorite apps are unavailable like the TripAdvisor and the Wear Mini Launcher, they don’t support the latest watches. 

Even though modern smartwatches are now available, smartphones are still better when it comes to features. However, there are still lots of useful smartwatch apps worth the try if you want to explore more on your watch. 

If you are in search of helpful and suitable smartwatch apps, this guide will help you consider some apps. Here’s a list of best smartwatch apps in 2019.


Occasionally, the most useful apps are the simplest. The purpose of this app is that it records the parking location of your car. It is helpful because you might forget where you park your vehicle, and it saves you time from finding your vehicle in a wide parking area.

When you start the app, just press the ‘car’ button to record your vehicle location. After that, a map will tell you where it is. You can also zoom in or out the view of the map and explore the area using the touchscreen. ParKing’s design is similar to Google Maps, and you can download this app for free.


One of the most useful apps since 2015, the Citymapper. Not much of an upgrade, but still, a lot of users download this app. For beginners, it helps you plan your journey between places in big cities.

From this app, you can get directions by car, taxi, on foot, and even using public transportation. The most significant advantage is how Citymapper works with the bus, train, and tram tracking systems, so you’ll have a real-time update when it arrives. And that is the reason why this app is handy.

Waiting for your bus, train, or taxi is sometimes frustrating, but this app lets you know how much time left for you to wait. If you scan the app, you can also see the number of stops and shows a map where you should hop in or out. This app is not a standalone, but still, it’s a great app.


Keeping your body in shape and your diet is sometimes hard. Other people are obsessive about it, and others find it uninteresting. Lifesum is a decent app that motivates you to balance your food intake anywhere you are.

This app is for recording your food before or after you eat it. There are lots of options to choose from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the major meals, you’ll have to choose between small, medium, and large portions, which you need to link to see the numbers of calories.

Start the app for you to see how much more calories you can intake. You can also record the amount of water you drink, and it will count the minutes of exercise that you do. This app is free when you download it, and it’s worth a try.


You must have heard about this app already. Arguably one of the popular apps when it comes to weather updates. The smartwatch version comes with two choices, the app proper and an analog-type watch face that you can customize. In this app, just provide the location that you want, and then you’ll have an hour-by-hour report.

You can also see the weather reports for the upcoming days if you want. Don’t expect a lot because this is only a basic app and lacking features seen from the phone version. An example is that no radar view feature to allow you to see the rain clouds on the world map.

Multi-location is not available in this version. You need to use the location search function if you want to switch the weather data location. The best thing about this app is that it’s free and handy if you wish to have weather updates on the go.

Seven Minute Workout

This app is a standalone smartwatch app that is very useful if you’re into fitness. It’s a fast and easy way to have a workout plan before going to work or even before starting your day. It has animations of the exercises you want to execute.

The workouts are 30-second default, and the rest recovery in-between exercises are short. During your workout, you’ll see a preview of the next task that you have to follow. The animations of the 7 Minute Workout is not bad at all.

It provides a professional look that other apps don’t have. Combining the visuals and the vibrate feedback is the reason why this app work so well. This app is a must-try, especially its basic circuits, that’s enough to wake you up before going to work.

After using this app several times, it will only take you 20 seconds of the seven minutes to look at the screen. You can use the vibrate buzzer in the remaining time, which notifies you that it’s time to stop and be ready for the next workout. You can download this app for free, and you can access features like yoga stretches, pilates, sets, and more if you are a premium member in the phone version of this app.


A smartwatch that comes with excellent capabilities can turn into a flexible powerhouse of wearable tech. Users have the leverage to access and download the top apps there is in the market. Now, with a lot of choices for smartwatches, consumers won’t have a hard time getting the best timepiece with their preferences.

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5 Simple And Useful Smartwatch Apps In 2019 5

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