How to Hire the Right Employee

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Businesses make employment decisions for ridiculous reasons. They look at someone’s experience in one area and assume that they will be able to move up and cope with different responsibilities. They decide they like someone in an interview and figure that getting on will be conducive to a good working relationship. They overlook new talent because they value experience more than the capacity to learn. 

So, knowing this, how can you make better hiring decisions?

Ask for Expert Help

Recruiting agencies exist for the sole reason of placing the best candidates into the perfect role. They know what makes for a good placement because they have a vested interest in making the right choice – if they don’t, they will lose their clients. 

So, if you are looking to fulfill your Accounting and Finance Staffing needs, it is a good idea to approach a recruitment company specializing in that area. Of course, you can still advertise on your own site but by spreading your search out, you are more likely to find qualified candidates without having to sift through hundreds of applications.  

Consider What You Need, Not Only What You Want

A good team is made up of people who complement each other’s skills, come up with different ideas and work well together. In other words, you are looking for a diverse team. Instead of looking for what you want, a diverse team will give you what you need. You may not like someone’s direct approach but if they drive your team forward to better things, they are a far better choice than someone who skirts politely around the issues or someone who has a great laugh but ultimately gets nothing done. 

To boost the growth of your business, you should also look at where the gaps are within your current staff. Filling skills gaps is really important but you must also think about the potential for skills to grow. While hiring someone with a proven track record might feel like a good guarantee, in fast-moving industries, you should really be looking for people who are willing to learn and grow with your business. In other words, the experience you should really be looking for is the ability to learn, not the ability to do the same things over and over again.        

Take a Risk

Playing it safe is one of the worst things you can do in business because this limits your ability to change. While taking a risk could land you with an expensive mistake, ultimately, if you don’t take any risks, you won’t have the chance to do something different. And, you can mitigate the risk of hiring someone with a probationary period if you have to. 

Taking a risk is all about creating opportunities. Hire someone different, create a role designed to take the business further, seek complementary skills and teach the essentials. If you want to do business differently, you need to find a way to change your approach. Who you hire will have the biggest impact on how your business grows. 

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