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In motivational discourse, there are two different ideas that you may hear quite often. The first is that timing is everything, and that always seeking your opportunity when presented with it is important. The other is that time is just a concept, and that you can begin to follow your dreams or ambitions whenever you want, and that even if you have been through failure after failure, your time could come some day.

Both of these sentiments are correct. But knowing that two conflicting ideas are correct isn’t exactly helpful when you’re trying to make moves going forward. In fact, that can feel extremely confusing to deal with, especially if you’re trying to plan your process to the best degree you can.

So when is the right moment to follow your ambitions? Does it even exist? And when it comes, it’s unlikely that it will arrive with a marching band and cheerleaders to mark the occasion, so how are you supposed to know when it’s here? After all, like is not a movie.

Let us help you in this confusing journey forward:

Building Expertise

Building expertise can be an important part of preparing for any operation. Think of how the military will plan for, train for, and rehearse operations before they even consider putting the plan into motion. Of course, it’s fortunate that the stakes aren’t as high in your business dealings, but that doesn’t mean you should or could fail to build the expertise you need to move forward. For example, be sure to read up on the LLC rules in your state to ensure you can even establish yourself in the correct mindset before you move onto loftier goals, such as curating your business vision. One step at a time.

Understanding The Market

Understanding the market is an essential practice that you should always keep close to heart. You need to figure out just where you fit in, what moves you should make, and where the gap in opportunity is. This can take time to collate the information, and may help you somewhat shift your original plan to better fit with demand. When you curate your approach like this, you’ll be bringing that ‘right time’ ever closer.

There Is No Right Moment

If you wait for the right time, or the moment it feels right at least, you will never progress.  You could wait forever for it. It could come at a time when you’re not actually prepared. The best you can do is use your rational judgement to pick the time, accept the consequences, and make your move. Good and bad will come from any decision. It’s all about how you move from there, how flexible you are, and how resilient you become. Asking when the right time for you to follow your ambitions is will almost be the same as asking how long a piece of string is. It is entirely contextual. Trusting yourself to make the right judgement, no matter what, is key.

With this advice, we hope that you never find the right time to follow your ambitions. Instead, we hope you decide the right time, and make it so.

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