How to Make Good Money with Pokemon Go

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How to Make Good Money with Pokemon Go 1

Whether you play the game or not, Pokemon Go is everywhere. A lot of kids talk about it, and some of your friends are likely planning where to go next to catch a pokemon. 

Furthermore, the game is all over social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which is particularly influential regardless of the age groups.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game trend on your mobile devices that became popular overnight. This innovative new mobile game gets you off your bed to move around because you need to be physically near a Pokemon to catch it. 

Since the game is so popular, is there a way you can make money out of it? The answer to that is a big yes! Although some are kind of bizarre, here are some ideas on how Pokemon Go can help you get some extra income.

Due to the popularity of the game, can you make money out of it? The answer to that is a big yes! Although some are kind of bizarre, here are some ways how Pokemon Go can help you get some extra income.

Pokemon Lures

Lure Modules are in-game items that players can activate at a Pokestop to boost the spawn rates of pokemon for 30 minutes. Also, the lure will be available to any players who are within the distance of the Pokestop. However, a player cannot get 

Moreover, having three advanced modules allow certain Pokemon to evolve. To evolve a Pokemon using lure modules, players must be near a Pokestop that is under the power of the three lure modules. 

Next, for as long as the players are within the range of the module, they should have that option if they want to evolve their Pokemon.

There are two kinds of modules, the normal ones, and the advanced ones. You cannot obtain the advanced lure modules from a Pokestop, but you can acquire them using Pokecoins (In-game currency). Meanwhile, you can receive the normal lure modules by reaching a certain level. 

Usually, the cafes and pubs are the typical locations of pokestops. Due to this event, several business owners are now paying people or even their customers to place lure modules close to the premises of their establishment. They utilize this approach to attract more customers who are also playing Pokemon Go.

Selling Account

This approach is traditional yet extremely effective until now. You can always make money with Pokemon Go by selling your account. There are several people out there who are willing to pay a huge sum of cash to purchase an existing Pokemon account. Some may even pay you better if you have those Pokemon that they badly want.

The price of your Pokemon Go account will mostly depend on the strength of your Pokemon team, if your account is free from Pokemon Go cheats, the level of your account, and the Pokemon you have. 

So, if you have those rare Pokemons that are extremely hard to find, then you can be certain that you will make more money by selling your account. 

Recharge Stations

Players need their mobile devices to play Pokemon Go while constantly activating the GPS and data connection(If no wifi is available). Since smartphones have batteries that cannot last for a day while playing the game, players must charge their mobile devices frequently to continue their Pokemon hunt. 

Because of this typical scenario, smart people make money out of it by setting up stations for recharging devices.

You can set up recharge stations near your home, particularly if the location of your household is nearby a Pokestop. You can either set up portable banks or make use of the extension cord in your home. 

Then, you can decide how much you would like to charge for recharging their smartphones. You can also take advantage of this idling moment by selling water and snacks.

Pokémon GO Business Coaching

Some people make money using Pokemon Go by establishing their business. They execute this method because there are individuals that charge a fee to become business coaches in Pokemon Go.

These coaches explain what the game is all about, how it functions, and organizations can benefit and cash in because of the massive influence of the game. They also teach how a company can place lure modules and precisely explain the reasons why they must.


Rather than calling a cab, Pokemon Go trainers call Uber to help them get to locations where they must go. 

Having someone to drive you to reach a destination is both a safe and effective approach to avoid accidents or getting hit by a vehicle while attempting to catch a pokemon.


This method is a cheat where people fake the location of their GPS and allow them to places where there is a lot of rare Pokemon to catch them immediately. 

Once done, they proceed to any Gym and defeat their leader. These people can travel the world easily, which is utterly an advantage and a precise shortcut to beating the game.

To Conclude

Earning extra cash with Pokemon Go is an excellent chance for anyone open to new concepts. Several businesses even commenced integrating Pokemon Go apparel and accessories in their branding, which have been particularly effective due to the popularity of the game.

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