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Christmas is quickly on its approach. You might have already started to think about gifts, decorations and dinner. If your home business is sales based you might be exceptionally busy, already trying to fulfil orders for Christmas and desperately trying not to let people down. But, will you be taking a break to enjoy the holidays or working straight through?

You might have friends, or even a spouse or partner, that work as employees, who are looking forward to a week or two off over the holidays. For some, this is normal and something that they have grown to expect. But, for many home business owners, it’s simply not possible. If they take time off, their business stops entirely, and we can’t all afford this kind break. Nor can we risk losing customers by not being there when they need us.

But you should take a break. A break for Christmas doesn’t just give you a chance to enjoy the holidays. It also gives you time to recharge your batteries, take some time for yourself and return in January fresh, filled with ideas and raring to go. Let’s take a look at some things that you can do, to ensure you can take a break this Christmas. 

Plan Ahead

If you hope to take a break, you need to start planning now. Think about the dates that you’d like to take off, and start making plans to make sure it’s possible. Leave things to the last minute, and that break will never happen. 

Automate and Schedule

There is so much that you can do to give the impression that you are still working, even when you aren’t. You might have to take a break from accepting new orders or extend delivery times into the new year. But, you can still share content on social media, send your subscribers emails and even use Managed Service Provider to take care of any IT issues, keeping your business working when you aren’t. Start preparing content now, and you’ll be ready to step out of your home office later on. 


It’s often hard for self-employed people and business owners to take a break simply because they don’t get holiday pay or any other benefits. If you take time off, you lose income. Budget for your break now, so that you can pay yourself, as well as any extra help that you might need to cover it. 

Let People Know in Advance

If you are going to take time off, you need to let clients and customers know with as much notice as possible, so that they can make arrangements. Decide your dates and start letting people know if and when you’ll be closed using social media, emails and your website. 

Make Big January Plans

If you are taking a break, use it as an opportunity to come back with a bang in January. Make some plans for what might be a quiet period. Try to find ways to make the most of your time, to push your business forward. 

Don’t Worry

You are allowed a break, you deserve it, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. 

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