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Communications technology is always moving forward, even if businesses aren’t keeping up with the latest trends. If you’re paying attention, though, you’ll note that there are some new technologies that your business absolutely must embrace. Below are four ways that companies can take advantage of the latest in communication technologies. 


Videoconferencing is the natural evolution of the conference call, and it’s easier to do than ever. There are several platforms out there that will let you conference with co-workers across the world instantly, losing little visual fidelity or sound quality no matter where you are. Now every person in the meeting can see the expressions and body language of their coworkers, leading to better interpersonal communication even across vast distances. 

Two-Way Radios that Work through Phones

While walkie-talkies have long been a staple of construction sites and other places in which instant communication is a necessity, the functionality of those old handsets has now come to modern smartphones. Available from any NYC commercial two way radio store, these great radios bridge the gap between old and new technology. These handsets absolutely help to increase the level of available communication on any job site. 

The Coming Future of 5G Livestreaming

Despite what some phone companies might have you think, 5G isn’t quite rolled out in the United States yet. When it arrives, though, it will be a game-changer. Capable of transmitting data faster and with higher fidelity than 4G, live streaming product information in full HD will be possible even if you don’t have a wi-fi connection. Being able to take presentations with them on the road without being tethered to a conference room or even a computer is going to change the way products are displayed. 

Cloud Data Sharing

According to Rahis Saifi, Editor at The Important eNews, every business should be taking advantage of the cloud. Data sharing is perhaps the least complex form of cloud usage, yet it’s one that businesses should embrace. Your employees can now not only share but collaborate on projects no matter where they are in the world, using systems that not only back themselves up regularly but that are already encrypted. Cloud sharing makes remote teamwork not just possible, but easy. 

It’s important to remember that new technologies should be embraced because they allow businesses to accomplish their goals more easily. From better interpersonal communication to easier collaboration, these new technologies are incredibly beneficial to businesses just like your own. Check out these new technologies to see just how much of a change they can make in the way you work.

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