People use cannabis oil, or CBD, as a natural remedy for various ailments. It comes from marijuana plants but, since it doesn't contain THC, it is not psychoactive. In other words, you can't get high from it. Reasons people use it include pain relief, reducing depression and anxiety, reducing acne, and heart health, among others.

Lowell Farms is a company that produces several marijuana products. They sell pre-rolled joints and cannabis oil. It's an environmentally responsible company that only uses organic fertilizers to create high quality, natural marijuana. From seed to sale, only natural materials are used.

They sell cold-pressed organic cannabis oil. This type of CBD is cleaner and purer than other cannabis oils. Their organic cannabis oil comes from the whole plant. Lowell Farms uses a proprietary method to create its CBD. The process starts with freezing the marijuana flower. It is then water hashed (tumbled in ice water) before being cold-pressed which squeezes out the oil. 

Almost all other CBD is heated to 518 Fahrenheit. It is then emulsified. One of the many problems with this method is that the natural marijuana flavor is lost. Unlike the organic cannabis oil Lowell Farms creates, solvents are added that increase how much the artificial terpenes are dissolved. Cold-pressed organic cannabis oil tastes better and, since it's natural, doesn't contain solvents, butane, and other additives.

Since Lowell Farms CBD is organically grown, there are no pesticides or herbicides in their products. Pesticides and herbicides have been linked to multiple types of cancer. This includes lip, stomach, prostate, and skin cancer. Other linked cancers include multiple myeloma, leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Lowell Farms is setting the pace in the California marijuana industry in other ways as well. Serious buzz has arisen for their Lowell Cafe to open its doors on October 1st. Their online reservations for the entire first month sold out in just hours. To comply with California and West Hollywood laws, they split this into two businesses. One is a restaurant and the other is a cannabis dispensary.

Guests can buy marijuana at Lowell Cafe. This requires cash. They can also buy food and drinks which can be paid for with cash, debit, and credit cards. Guests are free to smoke marijuana in the indoor and outdoor lounges. Laws preclude Lowell Cafe from selling marijuana-infused food or drinks. They also can't serve alcohol so they have mocktails instead.

Guests won't even realize that they are working with two separate businesses, for the most part, when at Lowell Cafe. They can't smoke weed when in the 1,6000 sq ft cafe where food and drinks are ordered. They can smoke it in a 2,500 sq ft indoor lounge and a 1,800 sq ft outdoor garden. Guests in the marijuana smoking sections can order food which is then delivered to them. Each guest will get two checks when they are ready to leave, one from each business.

Lowell Cafe is the first cannabis restaurant in the United States. They've gone all out since they are the first, including hiring celebrity chef Andrea Drummer to be their head chef. She wrote “Cannabis Cuisine” and has cooked for several celebrities in Los Angeles. She has developed a full-service menu of meals, desserts, and mocktails. Everything is designed to make smoking weed more enjoyable, although it's a great menu even if you aren't doing that. The menu includes chicken dinner, ribeye steak, oysters, and vegetarian options. Desserts include an ice cream sandwich, rocket pops, and chocolate-coated tacos.

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