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Paving your own way at your wedding and going offbeat will be the best decision of your life. Break the chains, and instead of choosing a traditional wedding venue, go for a wedding venue that’s rustic and natural.

The offbeat wedding venues can really help you out in having a wedding that’s perfect in every aspect while slashing down a great amount from the wedding budget as well. The most amazing thing about choosing an unconventional wedding venue is that there are no boundaries and you can let your imaginations flow wild without thinking much about the end result.

There are various top wedding venues in Pune, of which some might invite a minimal amount to be booked while the others are just there waiting for you to host your wedding with open arms. These wedding venues are perfect for a casual wedding that is intimate and is attended by only your loved and dear ones.

Choosing an unconventional wedding venue is all about how you visualize the things. Even the rustiest of the barn sheds can provide you with a venue that’s perfect. However, you must take permissions with the authorities to hold a ceremony at an unconventional location.

So, now that everything is clear let’s discuss upon some boho wedding venues that’ll be perfect for your wedding.

A Yurt

A huge bell-shaped tent that’s also popularly known as a Chinese tent, the yurt will be an amazing place to say your wedding vows. The best things about a yurt are that it can be set up at any location, and the only thing you require is some space. A yurt is an all-weather wedding venue as it pretty much isolates you, saving you from the rain and are also insulated that makes them perfect wedding venue for a winter wedding too.

Give A Whimsical Bohemian Touch To Your Wedding By Selecting An Offbeat Wedding Venue 1

An Abandoned Barn

An abandoned barn will be a perfect place to have your rustic wedding. Yes, it’ll require some fixing like the leaky roof or maybe a levelled flooring, but that’ll cost much less than the booking price of the traditional wedding venues. The barn will add up a character to your wedding and offer a rural setting with the exposed brickwork, beams and rustic wooden features.

Give A Whimsical Bohemian Touch To Your Wedding By Selecting An Offbeat Wedding Venue 2

A Clearing In The Forest

If you want to be adventurous on your wedding then clearing in the middle of the forest will be a great place to host your amazing wedding. However, you have to make sure that you get all the appropriate permissions and take care of the safety of your guests. The nature at its best will provide the much-needed decor and including some fairy lights along with the floral decor elements will be enough to beautify your wedding.

Give A Whimsical Bohemian Touch To Your Wedding By Selecting An Offbeat Wedding Venue 3

A Good Old Log Cabin In The Woods

Don’t you worry! It is not the starting scene from a horror movie, but it’s just another boho wedding venue that’ll be a pretty amazing place to host your wedding. With a pathway lit up using just the fairy lights and some lanterns. You can throw in some furry furniture all across the cabin that’s cosy for the guests in the winters while they sit near the fireplace to warm themselves.

Give A Whimsical Bohemian Touch To Your Wedding By Selecting An Offbeat Wedding Venue 4

We are sure that just a vision in your mind with these locations as your wedding venue will be enough to fall in love with them. Finding such unconventional venues will be hard, but believe me, they do exist along with the various others that are not a part of this list.

So, why wait any further? Go ahead and find something that instantly catches your eyes and take the permission with the appropriate authorities to arrange your beautiful wedding.

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