This generation has been brought up around computers and technology. If you’re between sixteen and thirty-five, then you’re probably well and truly versed in the art of sitting around and typing away and a computer. To be fair, you’re probably also an expert if you’re outside of that age bracket; everybody owns technology these days, and we’re all fully immersed in this new digital age. If you’re not somebody that has tech around you, then you’re part of a very small minority. 

If you fancy yourself with a piece of technology in your hand, then you might want to think about doing it for a living. We all have to work, so you may as well do something you’re good at or that you enjoy. Lots of people work in jobs that they absolutely despise, or jobs that they really struggle with – if you’re in that group, you’ll know how frustrating it is. If you have the opportunity to work in something that you could actually enjoy or thrive in, then you should probably jump at the chance. 

Fortunately, there are absolutely loads of jobs in the techie field, and the amount of work available is only going to increase due to the constant rise of businesses and inventions. If you think you have what it takes, or that you’d enjoy this line of work, then you’re in luck, because you could make an absolute fortune by following a career in this kind of area. Want to know what kind of jobs are actually out there? Well, read on! 

Web Designer Or Developer

Every business needs a website. It almost feels as though each individual needs one as well! We’re all cogs in this virtual machine these days, so a website to show ourselves off only seems apt. Somebody has to be able to provide that kind of thing for someone, and if you’re quite handy with the likes of website design or development, then you could definitely fall into this kind of work smoothly. Pretty and organized websites don’t just appear out of nowhere; you could be the one that makes them appear before people’s very eyes.

You might work at an IT support company as an expert employee. You might start up your own freelance working system and attempt to attract clients by showing off your portfolio. You could even start up your own business; a business that helps those in terms of their web design or development needs.  

Software Developer  

The programs that you use pretty much every day – someone made those using their brain and their coding skills. Again, they don’t just turn out of the blue. The application that you’re using to read this very piece, the piece of software that you use to organize yourself, and even the video games that you might play in your free time all came from someone’s willingness to work and their creativity. 

If you like the idea of creating programs for people, and you think you’re quite good at it already, then you could land a job with one of the best custom software development companies around. You could even branch out to smartphone and tablet apps if you’re interested in that kind of thing. 

IT Support

People are always going to need help with their computers and the way they function. If you know all there is to know, and you’re more than happy to assist others, then IT support could be your perfect job. Whether it’s with hardware, cybersecurity, or overall IT consultancy, you can be there for businesses and individuals alike. 

If you can get into this particular sector, then you’ll be pretty set in terms of job security because, as we mentioned, people will always need that guardian angel behind them. Computers and other gadgets aren’t impregnable or indestructible; they always find a way to go a little fuzzy! 

Social Media Extraordinaire 

By now, you probably have a social media account – everyone seems to have one. If you’re of a certain generation i.e., the one we talked about at the top of the piece, then you’re probably well versed in the art of writing and posting content. You can actually make a wonderful career out of working on social media. That’s a pretty weird concept because it all started out as a basic platform, but it is true – there’s lots of money to be made here. 
Digital marketing agencies focus a lot on social media. Executing ploys in order to boost attention and traction is part of their bread of butter. If you’re quite a large personality on social media, then you could even be contacted by businesses wondering if you’d like to promote a certain product or service. If you have quite the reach, then they could offer up a lot of mone

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