In days gone by, we lived in communities. We spent time with our neighbors; the people that lived on our street were among our closest friends. If we needed a cup of sugar, we could pop next door to ask, and our neighbors were always happy to look after our children, or cat if ever we needed them to. Neighborhood children played together in the streets, occasions were celebrated with street parties, and we spent hours talking to the people that lived next door over the fence. 

Times have changed. While successful property developers like Roger Osteen are still creating communities with their properties, the rest of us struggle. You might find yourself driving to the store if you need sugar, or giving up on your ideas of baking a cake altogether. You might wonder who to turn to in a crisis, and your street might be quiet all day, as the local children spend time in their bedrooms playing on phones and watching TV. You might not even know your next-door neighbor’s first name, never mind spend time chatting with them about what’s for dinner. 

But, while you might need to make more of an effort to become part of a community, and get others involved in it, it is still worth doing. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that you should become a part of your community.


As an adult, making friends can be awkward. As our lives change, we drift away from the people we grew up with, and it’s common for people to move away for work and relationships. Then, if you don’t get along with the people that you work with, or you work on your own, then it can seem very hard to meet people and form relationships. Getting involved in the community, even by attending your local library, going to fitness classes in your local area instead of the big gym further away, and speaking to people as you pass in the street, is the easiest way that you can meet people and form friendships. 


Close communities are safer. When neighbors look out for each other, life can be easier. Live in a community, around people that you trust, and you will know that there is always someone looking after you and your house. You’ll feel more comfortable when you go on vacation, and you’ll be happy letting your kids go and play in the street, knowing that someone is always nearby to help. 


Without community, we struggle to find a sense of belonging. You might feel it in your house, or at work, but what about when you are in the outside world. Become part of the community, and you’ll have a sense of belonging that will never be taken away. You’ll never have to worry about being lonely, and you’ll always have a purpose. 


Become part of your community, and you’ll be healthier. You’ll get out of the house more, you will walk more, you’ll have people to talk to about your worries and concerns, and you’ll get more fresh air. 

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