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Climate change activists would argue very strongly that we’re not moving towards a more sustainable world, and we will admit, there has been plenty of evidence that supports that case. We’re being inundated with articles presenting information such as the ice caps melting, Greenland ice volume dramatically reducing on a daily basis, and the world is heating up more than it ever has done before. The climate is well and truly changing, the last two years have proven that. But we’re looking at all of the evidence that suggests climate change is rapidly increasing. We’re forgetting to look at all of the information that shows how much we’re doing to try and combat climate change. Which begs the question, is anything we’re going to do help now, or are we too far into the climate change process. It has been proven that the world can recover from natural disasters, just look at how densely populated Chernobly is with plant and animal life now that no humans are there. But we can’t wipe out the entire population, and we can’t stop the growth of it. So, we want to explore how we might be moving to a more sustainable world, if what we have done so far is reversible at all. Keep on reading to find out more.

Irreversible Or Not?

So this is the question that so many people are fighting over at the minute. There are climate change activists who will argue that climate change is moving towards a time where we’re not going to be able to reverse the damage we’re doing, which will ultimately end in the demise of this world. Whilst it might not be in our lifetime, you have to think about the future generations we’re creating, and the future generations they’re creating, and the world they’re going to live in. So at the minute, we are at a point where we can at least slow down the changes that are happening to this world, and political parties are now becoming more involved with this. However, it does not change the fact that even though more people are becoming aware of climate change and the damage it’s causing our great world, it’s still rapidly increasing. The latest information is that it’s increasing at a much more rapid rate than we first thought. Ultimately, this is going to start wiping out food chains. In the colder areas of the world, populations such as penguins and polar bears are not going to be able to thrive, which will slowly cascade down the food chain. So although some aspects of global warming are not irreversible as of yet, there are many ways of being able to slow it down, and it all starts with being more energy efficient, and focusing on the emissions businesses are producing.

The Biggest Culprits

There are two big culprits in the world, and that’s the businesses that we’re so strongly relied upon, and us as the consumer. Businesses are popping up all over the place at the minute, as we’re really heading into an age where everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. So that means that the more buildings that are being created, to house the businesses that are being formed, the more harmful emissions that are going to be expelled into the world. One of the biggest culprits is energy companies which we so strongly rely on, which then in turn makes us just as bad. We know how harmful the energy we’re using is to the planet, yet we continue to use and abuse it. However, we are noticing that there are more sustainable ways of producing energy that are being created, such as biogas. What is biogas? Well, if you follow that link, it will explain it perfectly for you. But it’s the process of turning manure into methane, which is a much more natural way of producing the energy that we use everyday. It’s solutions like this that businesses should be seeking out more often!

The Changes We’re Seeing To Our World

All you have to do is look at the world around you and how much it’s changing. The coldest parts of the world are becoming warmer, and the warmer parts of the world are becoming warmer than ever before. Even though we might bask in this lovely heat and call it a good summer, it’s a simple sign of how much damage this earth has become susceptible to. An increase in natural disasters such as Hurricanes is also a telling sign that the climate is changing so much so, that it’s posing a great threat to society.

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