Do you want to score tickets for one of the stops on Chance The Rapper's upcoming tour? Or do you want to make sure you're in the house when Lana Del Ray goes out on the road this fall by getting your hands on tickets for her tour?

You're probably going to have to pay an arm and a leg for them! Concert tickets seem to cost more than ever before these days—and it doesn't appear as though promoters are going to stop charging astronomical ticket prices and fees anytime soon.

Learning how to find cheap concert tickets should be one of your top priorities if you enjoy attending concerts. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars on tickets every year by finding creative solutions for high ticket prices.

Here are five ways that you can track down affordable tickets for the next concert you attend.

Take Advantage of Special Concert Ticket Presales

Most credit card companies will do almost anything to attract new customers. They'll offer low introductory interest rates, zero-interest balance transfers, and more.

Many have also started to give their customers access to special concert ticket presales. These presales allow their customers to scoop up concert tickets before they're available to the general public.

See if your credit card company offers these kinds of concert ticket presales. It's a great way to ensure that you're able to secure concert tickets for the right price.

Some artists have also started sending out presale codes to their fans to help them get tickets ahead of everyone else. View here for more information on how you can use these codes to your advantage.

Buy Concert Tickets at the Very Last Minute

Many people like to try to buy concert tickets well in advance of their preferred concert date. This gives them time to make arrangements for the concert, and it also builds up some anticipation for it.

If you like to live your life on the edge, you can benefit from taking the exact opposite approach to buying concert tickets. Instead of snatching them up as soon as they go on sale, wait until a day or two before the concert is going to take place to buy them.

At the last minute, there are always people who realize they can't go to a concert. These people will often sell their tickets on online marketplaces and through social media.

Since they don't have much time to sell them, they're also willing to unload their tickets for a fraction of what they're worth. When you're trying to figure out how to find cheap concert tickets, it never hurts to wait until the last minute to see what you can find.

Look Around for the Right Concert Ticket Resellers

One of the reasons why tickets cost so much money today is because resellers buy them up in bunches when they go on sale and mark the prices up. It's not uncommon to see tickets that only cost $50 or so originally going for $500 or more.

However, it's also not uncommon to see some resellers dump tickets when the demand for them is low. They'll sometimes sell the tickets for less than face value depending on how many they have to sell.

Look around at the different concert ticket resellers that are out there and see which ones appear to have the best deals. You might be able to use one all the time to find cheap concert tickets.

Save on Concert Tickets by Taking a Road Trip

If you're buying tickets to see your favorite artist perform at, say, Madison Square Garden in New York City, those tickets are going to cost a small fortune. People pay a premium to see artists perform in the largest arenas.

If you live near one of these arenas and don't want to pay a premium, you can buy tickets to the same exact concert in a neighboring city or state and get what feels like a deep discount when you do.

You should, of course, consider how much things like gas and maybe even lodging will cost if you take a road trip to go and see an artist in another city or state. But you could very well save a lot of money by choosing to see an artist in one venue over another.

Do Your Best to Win Concert Tickets for Free

In 2019, it's easy to find ways to win tickets to a concert that you want to see.

Artists are always holding contests online to give their fans a chance to win tickets. There are also lots of radio stations that continue to hold concert ticket giveaways in the weeks leading up to an event.

It might take a little bit of work on your part. But you can enter contests and giveaways for concert tickets if you're willing to work at it. By putting up social media posts with certain hashtags on them or calling a radio station's phone number over and over again, you can see your favorite artists at no cost to you.

It's hands down the best way to go and see a concert. It'll leave you with enough money to buy some concert merch, which costs almost as much as concert tickets do these days.

Knowing How to Find Cheap Concert Tickets Can Really Pay off

When you know how to find cheap concert tickets, you can save yourself a boatload of money over time. You can see the biggest shows in your city or town every year without going broke.

You can also take the same principles that you just learned and apply them to buying tickets for almost any event. From sporting events to Broadway plays, you can find cheap tickets for events once you know how to work the system.

Would you like to learn how to save money in some of the other areas of your life? Read our blog to get money-saving tips that will leave you with more money to spend on concert tickets moving forward.

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